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Monday, January 9, 2017

Dreaded Yearly Fashion Post 2016

If the metallic trend continues one more year, I'm stopping these posts, because it's become pointless. It's been overdone and it was everywhere at the Golden Globes; if you can't come up with a new way to do it, try something else.

Okay. Now on to the show. Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds seemed to enjoy each other.
Emma Stone did something to her lips before the show:
I'm a fan of big eyes and lips, but even I have to draw a line somewhere.
but ended up being the most talked-about for her dress:
This dress hit all of the typical notes of the night. It was in a near-nude shade (a dusty pink that went well with her coloring), had an extreme plunging neckline and had metallic embellishments. It might have been a stand-out, had not everyone worn something similar.

For example, Nicole Kidman wore this:
This dress had another trend: the cold shoulder with covered arms. The Alexander McQueen "shipwreck" dress on a model:
It actually looks better on Kidman! I'm not a fan of the detail at the top of the sleeve, but it's necessary to connect visually to the fabric at the ankle. The sleeve covering the hand seems unwieldy.

Michelle Williams in Vuitton:
Golden Globes hair tends to be a little more easy-going than at the Oscars, but a few had every hair meticulously in place. Williams, who can rock platinum pixie like no one else, led the way, with the Jessicas (Biel and Chastain) following. This is the one dress where the cold shoulder worked; without the added arm detail, it would've been insufficient. The choker is perfect and shows that $1 ribbon can work as well as $1M in Harry Winston diamonds, if done right.

I want to discuss a terrific idea done poorly, Carrie Underwood's dress:
Yes, biologists, it DOES look like Golgi apparatus:
The dress-as-origami is genius and the roses, individually, look great, though they're hard to see in the photo. It's just too busy. One or two roses in front of a shoulder and one in front of the opposing hip would have pulled this into the dress of the night.

I love the simple old-Hollywood elegance of Brie Larson's dress:
The sweetheart neckline does everything the other plunging necklines do, without looking ehxibitionistic or needing an entire roll of dress tape. The beading detail enhances without being distracting. This could've been a Jessica Rabbit-y disaster, but it works beautifully. Though it's very simple, I'm giving her my best-dressed title.

Years ago, I said that if someone wanted to stand out at the Golden Globes, they should wear a powder blue satin sheath dress. I also said it was a color I'd like to see Jessica Chastain in. This is what she wore:

Close enough! The off-shoulder neckline is almost a bateau and might have been better if it had been definitively one or the other. Then along came Isabelle Huppert, who could've told her "This is what you'll look like in 30 years... if you're lucky."

The dress looked bluer than the photo shows.
Sofia Vergara finally broke from wearing mermaid dresses. I have some issues with the dress, but she's rapidly approaching an age where she can't wear something like this, so I say "go for it." It certainly fit all the trends of the night.

Kelly Preston's dress keeps growing on me. The scallops are interesting, the belt is a needed break in the pattern and - something rarely discussed - it goes well with her husband's suit.
And now, seven more worth noting.

 Catriona Balfe went a different direction from everyone else and, except the waist, it works.
Claire Foy. I want to like this, but everything is slightly wrong.
Hailee Steinfeld in Vera Wang. The color is lovely, but nothing about this is right.
Kristin Cavallari in the most California-casual version of the night's trends.
 Lily Collins stood out from far away. The color suits her and the bright lipstick sets off the rest of the look.
 Olivia Culpo in a messy print and uncomfortable cross top that somehow isn't horrible.
 Theresa Palmer in black velvet. There were a few such dresses, like Biel's and this is attractive, if not spectacular.

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