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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oh. (....oh [... oh {... oh}])

I suppose the silver lining to having someone break up with you and tell you exactly what's wrong with you is that you get to see yourself as others see you, rather than how you think they see you. I would guess that people would describe me as "smart, a bit aloof, with a weird sense of humor." What I heard instead was "You set unreasonably high standards for yourself, try to reach them through perfect adherence to some elaborate plan and then quit early because you're not getting immediate results. Plus, you have a condescending attitude toward anyone who doesn't understand what you're trying to do or who isn't doing the same thing."


So.... I'm planning on going for the over-50 record at the Afton 50K next year.

Yeah. I'm ignoring the irony.

Here's the contenders:

Scott Ross, the current record-holder. 3:07 marathon in 2012.
John Maas, this year's winner. 2:59 marathon in 2012.
Jeff Miller, 3rd this year. 3:02 marathon in 2015.
Others that could mess things up:

John Horns. 3:08 marathon in 2006 (but won Sawtooth 100 outright recently)
Dave DeHart. 2:46 marathon in 2004, 3:15 in 2014.

Hi, Double!
Jim Ramacier 2:52 marathon in 2015 (2:37 in 2004)

And then there's me. Last marathon: 3:18 in 2005.

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Double said...

It would be accurate that I cannot hold a candle to any of these gentlemen. How cool would it be if everyone showed up? I have never ran Afton, but I did have the chance last summer to run there one day with Chad Austin. It reminded me somewhat of Lapham Peak here in SE Wisconsin. I would not rule out my being there, though I generally lose interest in ultras in the summer. There is a 50+% chance I will be able to get a run in there mid next week. -Dehart