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Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Mile Training Plan

I posted plans for training to race 1 mile on this blog before, but it was poorly done and has been found in searches by a ton of people, so I want to do it again. The "Murderous Mile" plan by Fishpool and Smythe from 2000 (http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/the-murderous-mile/63.html)
 is brilliant - the more I look at it, the more I like - but it assumes that one's in top 5K shape and wants to move down to the mile for once race, in four weeks, not that one's starting from scratch.


Monday 0
Tuesday 55 minutes, with 8x400m @ 1 Mile pace - 400m recovery.
Wednesday 55 min.
Thursday 55
Friday 0
Saturday (same as Tuesday)
Sunday 55

The plan is to continue that every week until improvement plateaus. Then the Tuesday repeats get longer and slower (5x800 @ 2Mile -400, later 4x1200 @5K -400) and the Saturday repeats get faster, with longer recovery (800m time trial, 800, 4x400-800; and eventually 1600m time trial, 1200m, 3x400m - 1200m) A moderate workout of 8x400m hills is added Thursday (starting at 4% incline, progressing to 8%)

Final plan

Monday         0
Tuesday       30min AM with sprints
                    55 min. PM w/ 4x1200m@5K -400m.
Wednesday  55 min. w/ 16x100m@1Mile-100m
Thursday     55 min. w/ 8x400m hill (8% incline) at 1 Mile pace equivalent effort.
Friday            0
Saturday      30 min AM with strides and form drills
                    55 min. PM w/ 1 mile time trial, 2-3x400m @800m pace - 5-10 minutes recovery.
Sunday        80 minutes, with last 3 miles at "threshold" pace (15K to 1/2 marathon pace).

This gives two hard workouts on Tuesday and Saturday and two moderate workouts on Thursday and Sunday.

For the record - three years and 5 minutes

Age-grading my best mile (age 23), the best I could hope for this year is 5:16 and at age 55 only 5:24. Using my best races at any distance, I get 5:09 this year and 5:17 at 55. The Minnesota records on the road are 4:48 (aided) and 5:16 at age 52 and 4:52 (aided) and 5:51 at age 55 and the track records are 4:45.42 (age 50-54) and 4:55.3 (age 55-59). That last one was once the WORLD age-class record! If I could get under 6 this year, that'd be okay and 5:30 would be great. Five minutes is looking close to impossible.

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