"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Hate My Friends

Just a little. And not for long.

The last three times I tried to run, I had an asthma attack. It's not being controlled medically; nothing works. Wearing a mask to keep air warm before I inhale just makes it even harder to breathe - picture normally breathing through a straw and then stuffing the straw full of cotton. Since it only happens when running, I'm supposed to start very slowly and ease into it, but I'm collapsing after two very slow miles.

It just isn't fair!

So... here's what others are up to.

Steve Stenzel's been complaining about his injury and just getting back to running:

"That's right! Today I went 5.33 miles in 35:56! (Then I did a 0.33 mile cool down for a total of 5.66 miles covered.) My legs felt good!"

The last time I did 5 miles that fast was a race (in 2008, I think).

Rasmus Hoeg's dream was to move to Duluth. He's had one (admittedly bad) winter there and is moving away again. Here's his training:

13 2x5K 22:30
14 Skied Spirit Mountain
15 long run
16 long ski in Hixon and on Gold course
18 skied 7 loops in Hixon + Golf course in La Crosse. Fast.
19 Long run @8%. Break at 6.2 MPH speed, increasing. Made it to 11 miles.
20 skied 3 loops in Lester (fast as hell; fun as hell)
21 2 x 2M@5% 12:21 and 12:15 (PR)
22 no skiing - trails were ungroomed (very disappointed)
23 5K@8% 22:02, 5 min break, 2M@5% 12:38

This is pretty typical. Here's last June (I find this amusing):

June Running Log

1-3 Something in Chicago
4 Checking out Duluth. 20K, some in Chester Park. Good stuff.
5: Two runs, maybe 8K total around Duluth
7: 6K with Andreas on bike trails
9: 1.5 hours in Hixon and HPT. Yes!
12: 2 hours on HPT. Yes!
13-17: Can't remember.
18: Two Suså loops. Felt tired.
20: Quick break from watching kids. 10 x pinetum in 20:40. Not bad at all, actually. I think 12 seconds off PR
22: 45 minutes with the boys and then 3x perimeter loop. Thanks, Natti!
23 Lots of running with the turds in the jogger. Maybe total 16K
25: 3 x perimeter loop fast.
Don't remember the rest

That's how the course record-holder at Chippewa trains. If he ever had a plan he'd be dangerous. If I were him, with how I train, I'd be on the Danish Olympic team (I'd also most likely lose my medical license and custody of my kids)

Zach Bitter set a world record. [Calling him "friend" is a stretch. We said hello to each other once - and neither of us knew who the other was.] If you read his blog, you'd think it was because of what he ate, not that he ran 120-170 miles per week at 7 minutes per mile.

Saturday21 mile hybrid workout
- 5 mile warm up
- 40 x 20/40s (20-second sprint intervals)
- 2 miles easy
- 2 x 1 mile (5:39/mi, 5:35/mi) with 1 mi recovery between
- 2 miles easy
- 4 x (4 minutes easy, 2 minutes stair repeats, 1 minute burpees)

Sunday10 mile recovery run

Monday7 mile recovery run

TuesdayAM: 15 miles
PM: 13 miles

WednesdayAM: 16 miles
PM: 12 miles

ThursdayAM: 14 miles
PM: 11.5 miles

If you can run that much at that pace without injury, you can eat whatever crap you want. That's not my giving permission, that's a fact.

A lot of people have been going to see the Apostle Island caves now that you can walk there.

Briana - that's a bit of a reach.
 Others have been running where it's warm.
Ed: Even if it's HURT, it's still a Hawaiian vacation in winter.


Fast Bastard - World's Fastest Hematologist said...

Steve, I don't claim to train optimally. Not even close. Then again, if I started following a plan, I would probably get injured.

Olga King said...

We can hate them all together:)