"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vengeance on Two Legs

Yesterday was supposed to be the beginning of a warm-up, after a very cold winter and it worked out to be the ideal day to start training for a summer race. It also was the end of several weeks of rehabbing injuries, which all seemed to be in good shape.

It was midday. It was 18 degrees, with a 4 degree windchill and it was snowing. That is actually a warm day this year. I headed out on a full stomach, which is something I hate to do; I also had on one more layer of clothing than I thought I needed, plus bandages on five toes (not worth explaining).

For once, I did not hurt on the first step. My hips didn't creak or feel wobbly, nothing was really wrong. I took off against the biting wind and felt I was probably pushing too hard, but I wanted to get through the windy section. At one mile, I stopped. I had to regroup already. I started up again and got 50 feet before I had to stop again. This was the time to decide if I was done, or if I was going to be resolute and finish. The next mile was with the wind and was uneventful, except for running through drifted snow. At three miles, I had to stop again, this time hiding behind a large sign to stay out of the wind; I had to wriggle my toes to keep them warm. Off I went and made it to mile 4, where I stopped again. I stopped again at 5.5. I did finally finish the six miles.

When I got home, I started coughing. I'd held off during the run, but it hit hard when I stopped. I coughed for 11 hours. I went to bed wheezing and coughing. I awoke at 4 AM and had trouble breathing because of the dry air, but sitting up, drinking tea and being right next to a humidifier got me back to where I could sleep an hour later.

Day one of training was in the books. Except - the next day (today), I felt like I did after my first marathon. My hamstrings and back hurt and going down steps was a chore. That's what happens when you run only 21 miles in 10 weeks and then run 6 at once. This is true starting over.

Now on to day 2.


Londell said...

I found I avoid the issues with magnesium and B Vitamins, but we are all different

wildknits said...

Pretty ambitious to run 6 miles after essentially not running for the past one+ months. More power to you for finishing it up.

I find that even I am getting tired of wearing multiple layers and slogging through snow of late, especially for longer runs, and I like winter and was wishing for snow to freshen things up.

I also seem to cough worse after a run in the cold, though not quite to the extent you do.