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Saturday, November 9, 2013

34: Deep Hole

It's been a tough week at Lake Walkathon.

Okay, I'm out of shape. And I'm recovering from illness and injury. And the weather started getting bad. But this is a bad, bad place from which to start.

Starting Nov.2

Saturday: 3 in 25. Not bad; had hoped for more, but it's the first day back.

Sunday: 15.5 in 180 at Afton. It was 37 degrees and windy when I started, so I dressed for that; it was 52 degrees when I finished and I was way overdressed. The plan was to do an easy lap, have something to eat and then do another very slow lap; there's three places to get water on the way, so I carried one water bottle. None of the pumps worked... Though I felt I was taking it easy, I was walking up hills by the 4 mile mark. By 10 miles, things looked grim. At about 12 I was walking the downhills as well as the uphills. At 13, I bonked. [For the uninitiated, bonking is when you run out of liver glycogen. It's much more serious than "hitting the wall," which is running out of muscle glycogen, but it's also reversible.] I had to stop. I had to sit. I had to brace myself against a tree (I was on a steep hill). I had two emergency gels on me and they supplied me enough energy to eventually get back up and shuffle through the rest of the course.

Tuesday: Busy day and pressed for time. 3 in 26 with 2x800m in 3:20- 800R. I really expected a lot more, but just didn't have it. Plus, my course was torn up for construction.

Thursday: 3.5 in 33 with 7x Indian Mounds Hill (700 feet of total climb). Comfortable at first, then strangely fatigued, then desperately needed to get to a bathroom and so called it quits.

This is where you have to decide whether to call it a career, or to double down and just keep pushing for whatever slight improvement that's possible.

Saturday: 4 in 33.5 (8:04, 7:38, 8:09, 9:29) Very windy. That's an improvement.

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