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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Photos, a year late

I recently found someone's cell phone and was able to figure out how to return it. In today's mail, I got the camera I lost in the north woods last year returned. Karma?

In late July, I climbed 5 peaks in one day: Mt. Maud (1754 feet), Farquhar Knob (1777), Peak 1906, Cascade Lookout (1881 feet) and Leveaux Mountain (1550 feet). I lost the camera on my way to 1906.

I wrote about it here: http://stevequick.blogspot.com/2012/07/five-peaks-no-waiting-and-no-photos.html

Mt. Maud fire tower. Scarier than it looks.

Communications tower also on Mt. Maud

No way my car could make it, but heavy duty trucks could easily.

Not sure why I took this photo any more.

Farquhar Knob Fire Tower. Much much much scarier to climb than it looks.

Rest of the tower

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PiccolaPineCone said...

I remember the original post well. btw when I talked about finding a love who didn't cause you pain - this was what I had in mind. Do you think you could be as passionate about various hiking/backpacking goals as you are about running given time & a mental adjustment? And, just as important, is hiking a love that doesn't cause you pain??