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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here and There

Zumbro: "So this is April in Minnesota"

Brazilian models at Coachella, same day.


Alene Gone Bad said...

Winter sucks. Make it go away!

mike_hinterberg said...

For Minnesotans, they look like a perfectly happy bunch to me.

“Here in the Midwest, we all have long memories of suffering and pain, because, for one thing, winter is so long, and when finally it gets warm and beautiful as it is now, finally (the last ice went out last week) we try to relieve these painful memories of cold, of neglect, of suspicion, darkness, anger, Bologna sandwiches, stupidity... Sunlight makes us gloomy. We are not Mediterranean people. We're Lutheran people. Even the Catholics up here are Lutheran. And I don't like to generalize about Lutherans, but one thing that's true of every single last one of them without a single exception is that the low point of their year is their summer vacation.”
-- GK