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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Have I Been Wrong All Along?!

I've been getting a lot of good questions from people lately. One person has, with three simple tweets, made me rethink a long-standing belief of mine about training; she may be right (but not for the reasons she espouses) and I have to do a long examination of some science to see if I really know what I think I know.

For Twitter illiterates, these are in reverse chronological order:

Mar 8 Emily Cooper M.D. ‏@SPMedicine

A high exercise metabolic rate is desirable as the higher the rate, the greater the energy output. Underfueling puts brakes on metabolism.

 Mar 8 Emily Cooper M.D. ‏@SPMedicine

Why are athletes becoming obsessed w/ trying to train body to adapt to less fuel? It means you're teaching it to slow its metabolic rate.

Mar 8 Emily Cooper M.D. ‏@SPMedicine

Athletes PLEASE don't believe hype 'training your body to use less fuel' by providing less fuel in workouts. This strategy is nonsensical!

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pensive pumpkin said...

it's like when you're at a big party and you see your friends from two different circles in a corner, engaged in animated conversation.

love that.