"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crapfest 2013

This has been a rough week.

Some people stress-eat; I stop eating when stressed. This week I lost 4 pounds. I had to buy a belt.

I went from running 50 miles per week to almost nothing. I just didn't feel like it. I didn't feel like much of anything, really. I kept hearing "Saturday's weather is going to be great, so make the most of it, because the storms start Sunday." This morning, the weather forecasters were all saying how great it was, so I headed out, planning to do my long run. The wind was 40 mph. It sucked. It blew. By 6 miles, I had to convince myself to keep going, as I'd started wheezing again - and this is the time of year that that isn't supposed to happen. Then my heels hurt. And my knee. And my back. By 9 miles, I was limping on both legs and crying a bit (unrelated to running), so I quit.

It was that kind of week. The kind where nothing is right.

I'll try to get in my long run tomorrow. After all, Crapfest isn't over yet.


PiccolaPineCone said...

may i suggest you try the following. tomorrow, get out and run one mile. because one is (marginally) better than zero. at the end of the mile, run another because two is (marginally) better than one. repeat and repeat because six or seven miles is much better than zero. it might feel less overwhelming if you take it on in bite sized increments. just commit to one mile.
i am sorry for your loss and emotional struggles. by product of caring...

wildknits said...

@PiccolaPineCone has a nice plan layed out for you. And heck, if one is all you got, it's all you got.

2013 has been a tough one already.

Seems that crying on runs is the thing to do this week (hit me on Tuesday, for unrelated reasons to the run as well).

Hang in there, try to eat a little something, reach out to others PRN.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved to Eugene, and the constant gray skies has given me my first case of S.A.D. - I had a 16 hour sleep fest a few days ago, haha. Very tired, but trying my best to get out the door to run. Today 4 miles under clouds, but mild temps made me smile.

Crying is good for the soul...

Robyn said...

Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. Rest, eat, and give it another shot tomorrow -- you've seen worse. I'll be out there plowing through whatever's falling from the sky too.

sea legs girl said...

Never underestimate the extreme crapitude of wind. Running in the cold in no wind seems to me infinitely better than running in "nice" temperatures in major wind. It's tough even when one is feeling 100%. Plus weighing 4 lbs less, you probabaly had to deal with being constantly blown into the air. Could be seen as a type of cross training, I guess.

Running with MTP said...

I hope today is a little brighter than yesterday.

I find running is the way I deal with some issues and the say I avoid dealing with other issues. One is healthy, one is not. But either way, running gets me through. I just happend to have some garbage I have avoided dealing with.

Take care of yourself ~

Jean said...

Wishing you well, Steve. I am hoping things get better, and that tomorrow will be a better day. Please take care!