"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aft Gang Agley

If you recognize the post's title, you probably were an English major.

I've written the "Step 5" post, but it's incredibly long and detailed... and boring. I'm not putting it up until I find a way to get it so someone might read it.

I'm trying, like everyone else, to plan my races for the year. I'm in for the Chippewa Moraine 50K on April 27 and the Ron Daws 25K on the 6th. After that, things get iffy.

I'd like to drop down to a more natural distance for me, but it's problematic. My heels act up (bursitis and achilles tendinitis) whenever I try to run fast.
Not a pretty sight, is it?
 Plus, to be competitive, I'd have to improve A LOT. There are only 5 1-Mile races: Medtronic (May 9), Farmington (June 15), Hopkins Raspberry (July 14), Rice Street (July 25) and G'ma's (Sep 8). Rice Street is downhill, so not record-quality. A new rule says the races have to be USATF sanctioned, not just certified, so Farmington and Hopkins will probably be out. I don't think I can drop from 50K to 1 Mile in just two weeks, so Medtronic is out. G'ma's is after my birthday, so the single-year age 50 record is out.

Because of allergy and asthma problems, it's unlikely I'd get many races in this year, so most race series, from the UMTR series (15 races, 8 scored - one the 7 Mile at Chippewa, not the 50K), to the MDRA Grand Prix (already two races in, the Get in Gear the same day as Chippewa) are out. I'm looking at the USATF MN MUT series (Chester Woods, Afton 25K, Endless Summer, Salomon, Woodsy), but the age class there is over-40, not over-50.

So, it looks like I just have to play it by ear, wait until I feel good and then look to see what races are available.


mike_hinterberg said...

*Engineering* major -- but had a great English teacher in High School, with Scottish roots.
Had enough plans gang aft agley to think about this phrase from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blogby searching "living with haglunds deformity" which is a contradiction in terms. Your photo could be my foot!!! How are you managing? Ivedone PT, ART, graston, supplements...and now dmso which has helped. Your profile is impressive....take it from one who knows the pain and aggravation of this condition.

What running shoes work for you? I am training for my first half iron triathlon.

All the best...

SteveQ said...

Anonymous: I just live with it as best I can (osteotomy is the only solution, otherwise). The only thing that works for me is wearing training shoes WAY past their expiration date; when the heel counter is completely worn out, they start to feel better.

Anonymous said...

You are doing well to manage this B. i have performed saucony surgery, cutting out the stiff plastic heel crap and that helps immensely. It doesnt work in all shoes. Nike frees are soft but can aggravate it. So frustrating.