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Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming up on 1000 posts

I'm about 10 posts away from the magic #1000 and plan on doing a post that just links to my favorite writings of the past. Any requests? [Yeah, the Chiwaupee's going to be in there.]

I'm also planning on deleting some of the clutter on my blogroll. There's only 4 blogs in "Midwest Bloggers I've Seen on Trails" that I frequently read and I'll just add them to my Google Reader and delete the rest, unless someone complains. So, if there's any you can't live without, speak now!


PiccolaPineCone said...

requests (hoping there is no limit):
1. your post on coping with depression
2. your liveliest dating stories
3. the post about you almost dying while climbing one of MN's 2000 footers (sorry forget which one it was, the one where you didn't bring enough water and maybe twisted your ankle???)
4. your favorite race report
5. an obscure one: I remember you wrote one post where you discussed the lengths you went to to fix a lamp and you included a great rant about the (lack of) quality of workmanship and about how products these days are made to break and essentially disposable (ring a bell?)
6. the one where you furst used the expression "get off my lawn"
7. NOT anything about hungry redheads :)

SteveQ said...

@PPC: Good call on #1&5. #2 is a given. #3 I actually prefer the one with the thunderstorm and bear.#4 Meh. #6 No... you just liked it at the time. #7 That's been relegated to Facebook!

wildknits said...

Agreeing with @PPC on: #1 (have benefited from your insights in my daily work); #2 sorry, find these entertaining; #5.

I guess I will find out soon where I rate re: blogroll!

Jean said...

The Chiwaupee is one of my favorite stories I have read, anywhere.

Looking forward to seeing your list!