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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Help Wanted

I'm looking for coaching - actually a team of coaches. I've decided (again) on "one last hurrah." I plan to run a fast indoor 1500m or 1 Mile this winter, with the Rocky's Run 6K this fall as my next race. In order to do it, I think I need the input of others and more than what I'd get in passing by posting what I'm doing here.

I'm really rough on coaches, being one myself. It's like doctors being the worst patients. I will exasperate and frustrate any coach(es) and make them wish they'd never heard my name. On the other hand, they'll probably also learn more than they could ever hope to about running as a sport.

If you know of anyone I should consider, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Run, rest, repeat....

That will be $50 please :)

stillwaterrunner said...

Zach Bitter is advertising a coaching service.

Colin said...

Would you listen to a coach if you had one? If so I'd say it sounds like a great idea! Not sure about the "team of coaches" idea, though ... it seems like picking & choosing between different training ideas could backfire.

I'm curious how your past coaching interactions have gone. I'm assuming you were coached or part of a team back in the day when you set many of your PRs?

Personally I suspect that having training partners to push you during workouts might be more helpful than the actual coaching (but what do I know, I've never tried either!)

Anonymous said...

You could Join MN RED I know they have coaching available.

I do like colin's idea of having a training partner. I know I was running faster when I had weekly runs with a group.