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Monday, August 20, 2012

Awkward High Jump Photos

The NBC broadcast coverage of the women's Olympic high jump took about 90 seconds and showed 6 jumps from 4 women. That did tell the story, but I wondered what happened to some of my favorite athletes who obviously weren't in the running for medals. The NBC web video has 7 hours of footage (which takes 8 hours to watch, with all the ads) and is really difficult to navigate, so I started looking for other coverage. What I found is, I think, amusing.

There are a lot of photos of Irina Gordeeva, but you have to wonder what the photographers were looking for. Here's what I mean:

Odd. But 6'1" and 121 lbs. is odd, too.

Okay perv, move on.

Still pervy - but nicely balanced composition

It's a common name; this woman also crops up.

Finally, a reasonable photo.
So how'd she do? 10th place, 1.93 meters.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Okay - so the guy who posts all these pix of the bone-skinny high-jumper in provocative kinder-whore poses (legs spread wide and thrust into the air; a pose Teh 'Bride calls "choppin'"¹) is accusing the photographers of being pervy?

You're familiar with the non-cinematic definition of "projection", no?
¹ Funny story re: "choppin': When I was a teen, we (me an' my crew, that is) would say that any girl who sat with her legs apart was "chuckin' a spread". I told Teh 'Bride this once, years ago, adding, "Or we'd just sa

y she was 'chuckin'', for short." For some reason, Teh 'Bride misheard this and insists I said "choppin'" - as if I'd get my own fucking slang term wrong - and she said "choppin'" the first time she tried to use the term and refused to be corrected.

Told you the story wasn't funny.

SteveQ said...

G: It was kinda funny the first time you told it...