"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Current Training Plan

I swear I enjoy devising training plans more than doing them! This is to get me back into shape for 1 Mile to 5K races, which is undoubtedly of little interest to the ultrarunners reading this blog.

Monday: 20 min.
Tuesday: 55 minutes, with 3-5x 4 min. uphill at 5K effort (to hit heart rate 170-176 for a total of 10 minutes)
Wednesday: 20 min.
Thursday: 55 min., with 16x100m (hard)-100m.
Friday: 0
Saturday: 55 min., with 6-10x400m - 2.5 min (to HR 177-184 for a total of 3 minutes)
Sunday 75 minutes, with last 5K at 1/2 mar. pace (HR 159-169)

The "high mileage" version of this has an extra day off:

M: 0
T AM: 40 min cross-train/drills
T PM: 60 min, with 3-5x4 min.
W: 40
Th AM: 40 min cross-train/drills
Th PM: 40 min. w/ 16x100
F: 0
Sa: 60 min w/ 6-10x400
S: 80 min. w/ 5K

At the moment, I'm not ready for any of these workouts, so I try to give them a "good faith effort" - get at least something done and stop before anything aches.

I think that anyone who's read one of the more popular training manuals in publication will think this fits that model. It matches pretty well with all of them.


stillwaterrunner said...

I think (properly) training for and racing 5k's are the hardest running you can do. Just. Constant. Pain. And then you pass out.

Richard said...

I will start by saying I know NOTHING about 5k's but this seems to have too much speed work in it... maybe that is why I stay away from 5K's?