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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Diet Experiment

My allergies being systemic: respiratory, skin, digestive, etc., I had to at least try seeing if there were any food triggers. A list of common food allergies/sensitivities and my usual shopping list are almost identical, so it could take years to eliminate one thing at a time. Instead, I decided to eliminate all at once and, if there was an improvement, add things back. The diet was ridiculously restrictive - meat and vegetables - but it gave me a chance to determine if all the diets being touted in the last decade did anything at all. I've always felt that diet creates at best a neutral environment; as long as you're getting the nutrients you need, it doesn't matter how you get them and getting more isn't better.

I ended the five week experiment yesterday. Here's the results:
Weight: unchanged
% Body fat: unchanged
Waist circumference: unchanged
Allergy symptoms: unchanged

I ate pasta and ice cream for lunch yesterday. I had missed them so very, very much.


wildknits said...

So the good news is no apparent food allergies/triggers. Though, that said, when I did my elimination diet (as a vegetarian so no meat) I did add the most common allergens in one at a time, with a gap of a few days between each food to monitor for delayed reactions.

Carilyn said...

I'm fascinated by this subject. What are you going to try next? I've wondered for myself, but am too lazy to try, so I want you to do the work for me :)