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Friday, March 30, 2012

Disappointment Post

Running disappointment

My feet are feeling better. Unlike most blogs by people who've run ultras, I've never done an ugly toes photo. So...
That's not dirt, but bruising, on the big toe.

The last red skin on feet that need some sun.
 I started running again, and reinjured the left knee that I sprained. I can still run on it, if I run pigeon-toed and land only on the outside of my left foot. Yesterday I managed to run under 8 minutes per mile, but had an asthma attack. Disappointing.

Culinary disappointment

The red chocolate idea has some real problems. In confectionery, if you've never seen it, there's usually a good reason. No one ever shows the kitchen failures, so here's a rather pretty red glop that's the result of a pH mistake.

Climbing disappointment (mounting disappointment?)

A closer inspection of property boundaries showed that another of the peaks I want to climb is privately owned. I got the address of the owner and tried to get permission, but the owner is in a nursing home and the estate is in trust, which led me to a lawyer being very "lawyerish" about it and then to family members, who are taking the stand of "whatever my sister says, I say the opposite." That's what you get for trying to be nice.

Dating/Blogging disappointment

I'm starting to see someone new. She undoubtedly will do a Google search of my name and find this blog, so I have to watch what I say for a while. Maybe.

Okay, maybe not. I can probably explain away why my posts always seem to end this way:

[Who would've thought I'd keep finding this many photos to fit the theme?!]

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Xenia said...

Not a good idea to juxtapose foot photos with experiemental red chocolate. I feel a bit queasy now.