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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr. Creepy Guy plays "Yes/No"

This game was actually invented by an old girlfriend of mine (for those keeping track, it was Theresa, "the evil one"). The idea is to start with something you think is attractive, then push it to extremes and see where it stops being attractive. Generally, average is attractive; averaging photos results in an image more attractive than any of the individual ones. There are exceptions, however.

There have been studies that show that, regardless of culture, men are most attracted to women whose waist measurements are 65-75% of their hip measurements, even though there's some evidence that 80% is healthier for the woman. Apparently, it's a way to determine at a glance that a woman is capable of having children, but has not; it appears to be instinctual, not learned.

The 1960 hourglass standard of 36-24-36 would be the extreme 65%. I don't know that I've ever met anyone with those measurements. As people are taller now than 50 years ago, using 80% and trying to keep to evenly divisible numbers, a voluptuous hourglass standard today might be 36-32-40. That certainly doesn't describe anyone I've ever dated! Am I immune?

So, at what point does a waist become unattractively small?

Kelly's probably at about 65% (reportedly 34-25-35 or 36-26-36). Works for me.
 Ann, reportedly 32.5-23.5-36 (but height over 6 foot 2), is skinny, but okay.
Shane and Sia (reliable measurements unavailable). Hard to get past the sluttiness... Looks wrong, but maybe.
Dita (reportedly 34-23-33 or 34-21-33, but corseted to 16 inches). Probably no.
Ioana (reportedly 32-20-32, corseted to 16). Definitely gone too far: no.


Xenia said...

I can't get over the photos of Ioana. How does that torso have enough room for her internal organs?!

PiccolaPineCone said...

Gag. I am dry heaving my dinner.
I wonder what Barbie is?
Currently at 145% :)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Today's women don't need unrealistic body images like these. They need something more positive and realistic to aspire to. Like Plus-Size Barbie.

O, man, I'd tap that!

SteveQ said...

@Xenia: A little creepy, isn't it? There's space for her spine and colon, but her kidneys might be placed high.

@PPC: It was your Barbie post that inspired this!

@GQH: I'd seen that when I was looking something up after reading PPC's Barbie post.

SteveQ said...

@GQH: women don't need unrealistic body images because they have unrealistic body images.

SteveQ said...

@PPC: There's a reason the game was invented by "the evil girlfriend." There's two possible outcomes: 1) killing the mood with weird photos 2) uncovering a fetish, which also kills the mood.