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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fashion Vindication

The fashion post I had after the Golden Globes was the most popular thing I've written - by several hundred hits! - in the past year. I complained about the lack of color; apparently somebody listened, because bold colors were everywhere at the SAG awards.

I love Emma Stone's shoes (she was best-dressed, though in black):
Jessica Chastain, who I said looked "almost matronly" at the Globes, certainly changed that!
I had to look up who she was, but Ahna O'Reilly was a real head-turner (and note the shoes again):

Wait.... that's three redheads! Nicole Kidman wasn't there, but Jayma Mays was, so let's make it four:
Okay, so she was in black, too. Most weren't. You could look them up yourself.


Diana said...

See, I'm not liking Emma Stone's shoes. The heel looks too high to me and seems to throw them out of proportion. I do, however, love Ahna O'Reilly's--who the hell is she? I'm so out of touch--shoes and the gorgeous low-cut back on her dress.

joyRuN said...

I don't like Jessica Chastain's dress at all. The cut looks so awkward to me - it looks like she's got no midsection. Maybe the dress is too long?

Agreed on Emma Stone's shoes. I'd totally fall wearing something that high though.

I think my fave dress is Julie Bowen's, esp from the back.

SteveQ said...

I put the post together in about two minutes, so it's lacking. Chastain's dress is awkward, but better than the last one - poor Shailene (that must be misspelled) Woodley went with a disastrous choice after I said nice things at the Globes.

Ahna's backless number was asymmetric and really looked off in most photos. Everyone was raving about the back of Michelle William's dress, but I can't find a photo.