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Monday, January 2, 2012

Yet another year wrap-up post

I've just spent hours reading what people did last year, many of them writing for the first time in a year. I'll be brief.

I ran 2063 miles in 2011. Here's some frame of reference:
2011: 2000 miles
2010: 1800
2009: 2400
2008: 2700
2007: 3100
1985:  4200
Zach Bitter in 2011: 5700.
(I'm not bitter, I'm quick.)

I didn't finish an ultra last year, only ran over the marathon distance in training once or twice, did one 25K and one 10 Mile trail race. I ran well from January to March, then got ill and didn't recover until October, when I started ramping up again. Still, it's better than last year... last year I was really sick.

On to 2012, the year of the new age class.
[Added: and if anyone cares, I'm starting the year 9 lbs. lighter than last year, with a waist 2 inches smaller... but I'm learning to make molded chocolates, so that might change soon.]


Deb said...

My 2011 mileage: 1,543. But it's my New Year's resolution to not even give a shit, so don't go feeling all sorry for my pathetic performance. I might even go REALLY crazy and not even keep track in 2012...

...Nope. Now that's just crazy talk. I MUST keep track, and I'm at 10 so far. That's right - TEN!!! So suck on that, Bach Zittner!!!!!!

Dr. TriRunner said...

Yowza!! I'm I DON'T have a running mileage total for this last year. I bet you can guess what "patético" means!!

Karen said...

Nice mileage! That is great!

So, molded chocolates you say.... do you deliver? :)

Anonymous said...

You beat me, Steve! I ended up at 144 runs for 1008 miles, exactly 7M a run. My long run was 16 miles. I think I'll run through the winter this year, though. I've only been able to ski 20 days so far.

Happy New Year! Hope to see you out there!

John K.

Diana said...

That's a lot of miles!
When will you be bringing me some chocolates? My baking goals for the foreseeable future are pretty modest and unambitious.

joyRuN said...

Woooo - that's a lot of miles. I don't think I hit 1000 this year.

Jordan Hanlon said...

Nice work Steve, I was just under 2000 miles for 2011. Hopefully 2012 will be alignment free.