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Friday, January 13, 2012

Cool Hand's Drug-Assisted 10 Mile

I had a good run, so I'm posting it everywhere today.

Last night, I ran indoors for only the second time this winter, running 10 miles in the Metrodome with Mark LeDuc. Sort of like old times, shooting the breeze, racking up lap after lap. Without pushing, I ended up with 10 miles in 83 minutes (Mark claims I ran a lap too many, making it 80 minutes), my fastest 10 miles since last May.

I hadn't slept much the past few days, sufffering from sinus and nasal congestion, so I stopped saying it was just a cold and popped a Sudafed. Nervous, shaking, dizzy... every possible side effect (who needs to make it into meth?) and it kept me awake all last night again, and didn't relieve the congestion, so it's a one-time thing. Pseudoephedrine's on the banned-substance list for the Olympics, so I have to list the run as drug-aided.

If you read this right after I post it, I just heard that my list is being played on 89.3 The Current's "My 3 Songs" at noon. It's the second time I've been allowed to program; the first time was songs from The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon/Silicon, Mick Jones' bands of the past 30 years. I've forgotten what today's will be, as I made the request months ago.

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