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Sunday, October 2, 2011


This is what this year's Twin Cities Marathon looked like just past 21 miles, just about when the 3:30 pack went by. It was below 50 degrees for the 10 Milers, but the temperature looked like it was going to get a bit high for the later marathoners. This is my favorite vantage point, as it's the one place the road narrows to a single lane in the most strategic part of the race - the long gradual hill before the steep hill to St. Thomas University.

Few people I know looked like they were having stellar days, though Colin was on PR pace and Bert (whose name escaped me at the time) was right around 3:00 pace in his first marathon. Most of the people I knew were either over 50 years old or are ultamarathoners, who went "slumming" in a road race. I noticed that runners are looking beefier than they used to - saw a lot of triathletes and cr0ss-fit types [if I don't misspell that, I get a ton of trolls here]. Also noticed that almost no one wears gear from other races, but instead advertise a team, place, or cause.

Oh, how I wish I could run healthy...


Colin said...

Thanks for coming out today, Steve, it was great to see you! I finished strong up Summit Ave. today, getting that PR with a 2:56:11 chip time.

Edward said...

I missed you there, Steve, which is sad, because I walked up that damn hill right past you. 3:28:47 PR for me, 3 weeks off Sawtooth. Not to shabby. Thanks for coming out!

BrianFlash said...

I'm amazed that I almost never see old race gear, particulaly in training. Heck, I have about two tops that aren't old race gear - purchased back when I restarted doing this running thing. Everything else is advertising.

Must be a sign that runners have plenty of disposable income.

Dr. TriRunner said...

"Oh, how I wish I could run healthy..."

Sittin' right there with you!