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Friday, September 23, 2011

Shirts of Races Past

I could only find half of my 500+ race shirts, but I went through them and picked out ones from races that no longer exist (and excepted the time I didn't live in Minnesota). I'm a fan of the single color simple graphics, as long as one can tell the race from a distance.

Labor Payne? Really?

Word order by Yoda

My first ultra (1981)

Ed Fitz 100K

Lots of drips in Mpls.

My marathon win. Good luck finding another finisher.

Afton Coulee. Really miss this race, even with the pink shirt.

The second sponsor listed: Pinky's Sewer Service!

This race just got renamed and got a different date.

All-time fave shirt. Couldn't find #2 "Sand Burr Days"

Set course record

I have crossed the river on occasion.

The Hamm's Bear, 26 miles, 5 degrees F.

Wait! Did I give money to the Libertarians?!

Now the Human Race, 8K and different course and date (i.e. not the same race)

Only race ever in North St. Paul, I think.

First cop race.

Second cop race.

3rd cop race...and those are blood stains

Forerunner of Twin Cities Marathon and City of Lakes 25K

Won this race 12 times.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Blood stains? Were you running from the cops, like that electrical rabbit in a greyhound race, setting the pace? "There he is, boys! Go git the hippie! First place Prize: Punch the hippie. Second place: Punch the hippie. Third ..." [I think by now you see where I'm going with this.]

In conclusion: Way to bleed, showoff.

PiccolaPineCone said...

somewhere there exists a company to which you can send all of your race shirts and they will turn them into a quilt. i have been tempted in the past but always stopped by the thought of sleeping under a quilt that would inevitably smell, however faintly, of exertions past.

Jean said...

Those are just fantastic, Steve! Love the old Hamm's Bear one. Gotta love the Bullhead Run, too. Great stuff, a lot of running history there.

My favorite shirt is from the 2005 Jan Horak Tofte Trek. They had been running the race for years, but this particular year they called it the "Inaugural" race when they renamed it in honor of the RD. Only they spelled it "Inagural." ;-)