"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old Photos

Don't have a digitizer, so these are photos of photos, blurred and ill-lit.
32:46 10K, 1983 (A very good hair day)
Great Mille Lacs Run 100K (1983)

Grad School (late boombox era)

1983 Twin Cities marathon (5th in age class!)

1982 Hamm's Torturous 26 (with brother Don)

1982 Twin Cities marathon

2nd, 3rd and 6th grade school photos


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice photos! Especially those last three(-in-one):

Finally, proof positive that you weren't born with that beard! (Or, if you were, that at least you shaved it off during those awkward pre-preteen years.)

On the yes-I'm-THAT-picayune front: Hey, guess what? If you have a camera that can take digital photos of your old photos ... you DO have a digitizer! How's that for adhering-to-the-letter-of-a-statement-while-ignoring-its-obvious-spirit?

By the way: I disagree with your Paul statement ... but (with a few exceptions) not the Wings part of it.

Great Moments in Simpsons History: The family is trying to have Bart deprogrammed but Homer wants to make sure of the deprogrammer's bona fides.

Deprogrammer: “I got Paul McCartney out of Wings, didn’t I?”

Homer [furious]: “You idiot! He was the most talented one!”

SteveQ said...

@G: The beard started in 1981, and stayed with only brief interruptions. I just Simpson'd someone else's blog with Lisa's "Nobody out-crazies Ophelia!" My Paul statement was at least half tongue-in-cheek.

Jean said...

Steve, great pictures!

There is a chance you participated in the same race as my Dad! I grew up near Mille Lacs, and Dad did the Great Mille Lacs Run with another runner friend as a relay (the friend did the first 50K, Dad did the second). Can't recall if it was '82 or '83 when they did it.

I recognize the place where you are at in the Mille Lacs picture. I haven't thought about this race in awhile. Great stuff!

RBR said...

Did I pick the best day EVER to come back to the blog world, or what?!?!

Despite the fact that you have ALWAYS been a skinny bitch you are looking quite handsome there, friend. Hubba hubba (<--- that was meant to be lewd and inappropriate. If it was interpreted in any other way I apologize)

In other news, I may be coming to Minneapolis, MN in the spring (you have good weather when? From May 3rd from 4pm-6pm? I will try to hit the vast window of acceptable climate in MN)

Anyhoo, you ARE obligated to have coffee with me. It is not an invitation. It is a fact. :)

Jean said...

Steve, checked with my Dad, and it was 1983 that he ran the Great Mille Lacs Run, so that was the same race. Cool!

PiccolaPineCone said...

I know this is a weird comment but you look so much like yourself in those pictures (doubly weird since I have never met you in person)

joyRuN said...

Dang, you're a hawtie!

Except the last 3-in-1 - not hawt (cuz that would be weird). Very cute though :)

"Barfi" has such an unfortunate name for such yumminess. I've only ever had it in Indian restaurants - I can't imagine how delicious it would be homemade.

Andrew said...

Observation: When you are not running - you smile :)

SteveQ said...

@Jean: My brother and I ran as a relay two of the three years of that race and I DNF'ed doing the 100K the other one. Seeing that I'm carrying a hammer handle as a baton (my brother's little joke - it's mounted on our trophy for winning), 1983 was a relay year, so your dad and I were in the same race. That long stretch of boring highway is on the east side of Mille Lacs, but I can't say exactly where.

Colin said...

Great pictures Steve, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You look like an Olympic caliber runner - great form, and I like the faded 1970's style color prints.

SteveQ said...

@Anonymous: No one who's seen me run would say I have good form! (but thanks)

shannon said...

I love the picture of you at the TCM in 1983; a spectacular finish time too, 2:43:06! That is amazing, simply amazing.

SteveQ said...