"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next week. I'll write about running next week...

I now have almost 30 posts half-written and deleted. I'm having some weird Blogger's Block.

Friday, when the Superior Sawtooth 100 is going on, I'll be in the area. The plan is to climb Pine Mountain (10 minutes), then scout out "Eggers Peak" (Point 2266) and see if it can be reached from Forest road 154L. Then it's on to "Lullaby Peak" (Point 2027), starting from near where the Gunflint Trail (Co Rd 12) and Forest Road 325 meet. Then on to Lima Mountain (a 20 minute climb). Then, depending on how things go, Brule Mountain (2226 feet) from Forest Road 152; this looks like one monster of a climb. If necessary, there should be a path from 152 north of East Twin Lake that goes back toward Eggers, for a second attempt. If I haven't disappeared forever into the north woods by this point, on to "Thrasher Peak" (Point 2223), which looks like an easy bushwhack from Forest Road 327 and maybe "Tomash Peak" (Point 2163), from Forest Road 326D, from which it might be possible to get a nice view of Eagle Mountain to the east.

At whatever point I give in (I'm guessing REALLY early), I'll head back to the race course to see how things are going. If it's close to sunset, I'll be at Finland. 3 PM probably means Co. Rd. 6. Noon... well, let's hope I don't drive 12 hours for nothing.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Well, technically, if they're deleted, they're no longer half-written; and if they're half-written, they can't be deleted.

Unlike you, wandering into places that can only be described as "somewhere in the vicinity of Forest Road 152". Sure - publish on the intertubes the exact coordinates where you intend to be alone in the middle of nowhere. Axe-murdering psychos don't have access to teh world wide web ...

Nice knowin' ya.

The Twins will probably make an amazing division-winning comeback right after you disappear.

wildknits said...

Lima Mtn will be quicker than 20 minutes I predict, especially if anyone has gotten back there to brush it in the past few weeks. Took us 18 minutes of running (slow) to reach the peak on our recent outing. Though note - there is a bit of a cliff you traverse about midway up, worth paying attention to so you don't step off (also the location of the best view on this peak).