"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracle Run

I needed to run. I needed to run like a man at the bottom of a pool needs to breathe. Medical, financial, relationship and legal problems all hit HARD all at once. I had to get out and run off the frustration.

Problem was: the day before I hurt myself. Taking a long lunging stride, I felt a pain in my hip not unlike when I dislocated it a couple of years ago; I thought I might've broken the femur head, but I could stand and walk. In fact, I jogged home, but discovered I couldn't lift my left leg up to climb steps when I got home.

Still, I needed to try. I was scheduled to do hill repeats at the Brickyard, but that didn't seem likely. I went anyway, planning to take a gingerly stroll down the hill and see whta happened. Something went SNAP! and the hip was better - hurt, but much better. I ran down to the bottom of the hill and decided to try one hard time up.

The first 100 yards are at about a 35 degree angle. I took short fast steps, dodging ruts and rocks. The first turn is about 45 degrees and treacherous footing, but I slue around, intentionally trying to keep momentum. Then comes a long gradual uphill and I pushed. Then a turn and another slightly steeper section, deeply rutted and I pushed some more. One more turn, a leap over a puddle and a long drive up the last uphill. I was gasping for air, but drove with all my might. The last 30 yards I could see the top, though it gets a bit steeper and I gave it all I had. I hit the top in 3:44.

My previous fastest up that hill was 4:40. It works out to be equivalent to a mile in 5:10.

Then I started wheezing and I coughed until I vomited. My eyes watered, my nose ran, my shoulders heaved up and down as I coughed up tons of mucus.

And I was happy.

And I did three more hills for a cool-down. Then it was back to messy "real" life again.


Anonymous said...

The Twins are toast.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Yes, sadly, the "walk it off, princess" approach doesn't always work in regular life the way it does in sports.

Broken heart? WALK IT OFF!

Bankrupt? WALK IT OFF!

Kanadian? WALK IT OFF!

Play for the Twins? WALK IT OFF! Or count your blessings! You could be a shudder ... YANKEE!

... or Kanadian.

johnmaas said...

I've had some similar hip issues lately; and sometimes a different motion makes it "pop" and then it feels so much better.
Phlegm-free and happy... good for you!