"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Foiled by Quantum Physics and a Duck

This week in training:

Monday: 6.5 in 60. Tired.
Tuesday: 4 in 42 with 5xBrickyard Hill (4:26,4:24,4:11,4:21,4:28). Dramatic improvement in times due to taking the downhills much easier.
Wednesday: 4 in 37. Twinges in left knee. Need to back off a bit.
Thursday: 5 in 41 with 1.5 in 10:00 and 9x100-100. Left knee hurt sharply before run, heels sore after.
Friday: 0. Intentional day off to heal. At night, fell in the dark (closing windows when it rained), banging my right heel HARD. Hurt even when not moving.
Saturday: 5 in 47 with 8xMounds Hill, 6 fast (2:11,2:02,2:04,1:54,2:03,1:59). Cool-down with Greg B. Thirsty, very sore heels at start. On course of the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk and with view of Ragnar Run below the hill.
Sunday: 8 in 60. Spectating at the St. Paul Triathlon, I got pulled along and pounded the course harder than planned. Slept badly, sore throat and cough. Sore heels after the run.


The Tuesday run equates to a mile in 5:21, Thursday's to 5:38, Saturday's to 5:07, Sunday's - if it were an easy day rather than hard - to 5:05. I can kill a course for 2-4 minutes, but struggle to endure for even 2  miles. I'd wanted to race a 5K on Saturday, but doubt I have the endurance to last the distance, which is bizarre given my training the past few years. I just might have a future at 800m to 1500m... if I don't kill myself in training.

Today's Title

C'mon, would you have read this if it were called "Training Week Aug 15-21?"


Keith said...

GQH is so disappointed he's not even commenting. Which probably for the best, all things considered. I mean, quantum physics, and a duck, the imagination reels, doesn't it?

Keith said...

You know, when I read your title earlier, I'm sure it said "Fouled by Quantum Physics and a Duck". Which is a much better title.

Carilyn said...

You had me at the hamburger picture on the right. Really. I will read any post that has a good looking burger close by :) And your title is very Stephen Hawking-esque, don't you thing?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Not nearly as interesting as being thwarted by Quondam Smithwick's and a Phuck.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

'Hound Dog' lyricist Jerry Leiber dies at 78

Could've been worse. he coulda died at 33 and a third.

I couldn't resist.

RIP, Jerry.