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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time Warp

Somehow, I'm in 1930's Louisiana. The dewpoint's 78 and it'll be 100 degrees today (sorry for those who need metric - it wasn't popular on the bayou during the depression). The power went out, so there's no air conditioning or fans; I'm spending most of my time at home getting to know my basement, where it's relatively cool. Of course, it's still wet - the heavy rains that caused seepage into my basement is not helped by the air being saturated with humidity.

And I ate some bad shrimp etouffe.


Anonymous said...

well hopefully some crab in the bucket will succor your shrimp ailment.



Jean said...

The weather is absolutely ridiculous. I hope your electricity is back on. It was out for 5 hours at my office yesterday.

I have never experienced humidity like this. I just heard the dew point hit 88 in Moorhead today! I am already looking forward to snow. :)