"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Afton, in Brief

The new course for the Afton 25K and 50K was extremely hilly and technical and it was very hot and humid. I'm guessing the finish rate for the races will be about 40%! It's the hardest 50K in the midwest right now.

I didn't finish. Full report will take a long time. It IS my farewell race.


Deb said...

Okay, mister - that was WAY too brief. We need details.

I've said a time or two, "NEVER AGAIN!" after particularly brutal runs, but I always come back. I hope you do, too.

Kel said...

That turned out to be a doozy, didn't it? Would be an awesome training trail for SHT, if only runners had access.

My Garmin measured 5662 feet of total elevation gain/loss for the 25K, but the trails were more technical than expected. The wear patterns on the trail were also different since it's a mountain bike trail and there were some real ankle burners (especially with all of the traverses on switchbacks).

That "Voyageur powerline-like" hill about a half mile from the finish was brutal, especially with the heat and humidity. Speaking of which, I'm glad the race wasn't yesterday!

I've heard you say you've retired too many times only to return, so I'll believe that when I see it. Especially since this one ended with a DNF. And as much as you may get frustrated with running sometimes, you love it too much to stay away for long - especially since we've been blessed with an abundance of awesome running buddies to share the trail with in this neck of the woods :)

Anonymous said...

that was one ugly race they did the best they could with the time they had but i am saying that was worse than any superior race i have done most of the people i finished with were 2 hours longer than normal ps the stevenator saying never done im not sure i am buying it you will claw your way out of the wreckage and race again i hope steve l

shannon said...

Whoa, "5662 feet of total elevation gain/loss for the 25K"! Sheer craziness, but no doubt a supreme challenge. The weather didn't offer much assistance either, upper 70's with high humidity. UGH!

Despite the conditions, I would have bartered away just about anything to be out there with you guys today ...

Next year (Steve, just so you know, I'm counting on you to pace me). :)

Anonymous said...

See you at Voyageur!

sea legs girl said...

I saw Eve R's and Valeria La Rosa's paces before I saw your post - and said to Rasmus how extremely tough that course must have been! I heard it's been over 100 degrees. So sorry you didn't finish, but you're not really going to stop racing after such a tough day?? Wouldn't it be better to stop after an enjoyable race?

Evan Roberts said...

Sorry to hear you didn't finish Steve, and hope you'll be back to it soon.

I did the 50k and thought the challenge--compared to the normal course and average conditions for this race--was not so much the humidity (dewpoint dropped into the upper 50s during the race), but that so many of the climbs on this course were bereft of shade. On a totally cloudless day that wasn't much fun.

The conifers probably didn't help either as I think they retain more heat under them than broad leafed trees.

Recover well, everyone.

SteveQ said...

Evan, the dewpoint at the start was 64, but dropped noticeably after the first lap.

Full report will take about a week.

Why has no one asked why I posted a picture of a slow loris?

wildknits said...

Figuring it was a case of "a picture is worth a thousand words" ;->

Sorry that race did not go well. I tend to think of it as a bit of a cursed course myself. Bloody hot the year I ran it. And one other time I was out there the park tried to keep my bumper.

See you at Voyageur! I will be working the Jay Cooke Aid Station.

Anonymous said...

Go Twins!

PiccolaPineCone said...

i'll bite. why have you posted a picture of a slow loris? and what is a slow loris? and why such firm, unilateral statements i.e. it IS my farewell race. sounds like a time to pause.... pause.... pause... and then reconsider new goals. maybe they will include upright, bi-pedal racing and maybe not. but why close the door?

(think 1,5000, 3,000, 5,000 m on the track)