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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Afton Contingency Plan

I got in 25 miles out at Afton on Saturday, slow enough that I was glad I didn't do the Chester Woods 50K (where Bill Pomerenke ran a 5:10!) or FANS or even the Manitou 15K or Grand Old Day 5 Mile.

Early June: when races are as numerous as mosquitos in Minnesota.

Got to see a lot of familiar faces and there were dozens training for the Afton 25K and 50K races on July 2nd. I just heard from race director John Storkamp that, if the park is closed due to a government shut-down, the race will be moved to the adjacent Afton Alps ski area - a brilliant idea I hadn't considered (I was researching other parks, road permits, etc.) I've run up the ski hill there a few times: trust me, we want the park to be open, if only for the shade.

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Huzzah for contingency plans!

Double-huzzah for not having to use them!

As for baseball - the Phillies managed to lose two out of three to the Pirates this weekend, yet end up 3 games ahead of the Fish (Phils had been 2 up) and 3.5 up on the Braves (they had been 2.5).

Big thank yous to the Brewers and Mets for that!

I saw where the Twins lost that one game based on a bad ground rule call by the umps, giving one guy home plate because in their judgment he "would have made it if the fan had not interfered" ... even though no fan interfered?

Just weird and emblematic of the year the Twins're having, I guess.