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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dead Meat

Sunday, I ran at Afton State Park with Matt and Bill. Though it was supposed to be 50 degrees in the afternoon, we ran before sunrise when it was closer to 30 and raining. We're stupid that way.

I decided not to wear anything for traction. I'm stupid that way. Matt said the first downhill slope is always the worst section. It wasn't. On the first icy uphill, he said the Africa loop would be clear. It wasn't. As we post-holed through the Back 40, he said the section along the river would be clear, as it's in full sun. It wasn't.

I fell once, on flat clear ground. My heels and achilles tendons ached from the continuous rolling of my ankles in the crunching snow. I hurt my left tensor fasciae latae muscle going down the Campground Hill. On the Meatgrinder hill, I said I was quitting before the Snowshoe Loop, as I was "Dead Meat."

On the Snowshoe Loop, apparently there was some actual dead meat. here's a photo Matt took:

I guess my day could've been worse. (Sorry if you were eating when you read this.)


wildknits said...

Hmmmm.... wonder who/what is wandering around out at Afton.

Or is that scavengers taking advantage of a deer hit by a vehicle who made its way into the woods?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Ian's fav show is Fear Factor reruns. He'd love that dead deer because Fear Factor is predicated upon making idiots eat stuff like that.

SteveQ said...

Lisa, Matt was thinking bear (apparently it was more eaten than it looked in the pic), but they aren't out this time of year and there are very few in the area. Scavengers tend to start with the soft tissue - and the eyes and mouth look okay. I'm thinking a coyote got a really lucky strike on a sickly fawn.

Or maybe it's part of the Paleo craze.

wildknits said...

Interesting theory Matt has. Yeah - bit soon for them to be out and about.

Coyote seems logical in that area - cougar would have finished it off. Then again - could be someones really lucky dog.

Although your theory on the Paleo craze does have a logical flow to it... not only should you eat like Paleo 'man' but you need to gather your food as well.

Matthew Patten said...


Remeber... I am dum. I grew up in LA, and don't know the hiberatory timelines of bears.... other than that they give up after 2 quarters.

I figured bear beacuase it was absolutely devoured on the lower end. I guess a wolf might be more likely.

I did see 3 wolves in my back yard 5 days prior to this.. so I know those guys are out hunting.

It was interesting how it was devoured on one end, and untouched on the other end. Hence why I thought it was probably just Storkamp on an afternoon snack

SteveQ said...

Matt, I seriously doubt you have wolves in Ham Lake. Their range is expanding, but not that far yet. You do know the difference between coyotes and wolves, right?