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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion 2011: Meh.

Every year I try to do one fashion post, but the past year has been a terrible one, as nothing was interesting at any of the dozens of award shows. At this year's Academy Awards, my favorite look was that of 14 year-old Hailee Steinfeld!
The dress is perfect for a 14 year-old: tea length, understated, flattering color, proper accessories. What is remarkable is that she apparently went to the designer with a sketch she made and said to make her that dress. Either she has an incredible eye for fashion, or this is what everyone should be doing.
What I'd like to do is point out that, at 14 (14!), she's managed to avoid the pitfalls of peep-toe shoes. First, "toe cleavage" is always wrong; it's not like decolletage - no one wants to see more. Second, if your second toe is sticking out over the front edge of the shoe, especially with red toenail polish, it looks like a matchstick; it might be comfortable, but it's ugly. Third, if the toe hole is in the middle of the shoe and your big toe is sticking through it, it just screams "bunion!" and makes the shoe look uncomfortable and the foot ugly.

While I'm at it, no one ever discusses men's clothes at these functions, because there's so little to say, but there's one thing that has been bothering me. The collar of one's jacket should match the collar of one's shirt; it should rest half-way up the shirt collar, not lie flat with the lapels on one's shoulders, nor rise above the shirt and obscuring its collar. And it should never, ever gap; a profile shot where one sees space between the two collars says you need a better tailor.


joyRuN said...

I'm not a fan of these nude colors. I can't freaking see the detail when it blends into their skin.

That said, I would've loved Halle Berry & Mandy Moore's frocks in a richer color.

With my Morton's toe & all, peep toe is OUT for me.

True fact - I designed my high school prom dress. The translation from page to my body didn't go so well, but at least I knew no one else had my dress on. Fabric left a lot to be desired on the end result too, but then again, Joann's Fabrics didn't have a lot of nicer options.

I just love your fashion posts.

RBR said...

At 14, of course, she can wear peep toe shoes! She has not had a lifetime of cramming her tootsies into bad shoes to fuck up her toes!

You already slammed by be-bunnioned dogs, so you know there aren't many peep toes in my future.

On an unrelated note I have a plant physiology question for you (with a reference, of course). I will email you tomorrow. Man, having you is so much easier than actually thinking. :)

SteveQ said...

@joyRuN: that particular photo's lighting does wash out the color. Marchesa seemed to do all the best dresses at this event.

Anonymous said...