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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dad turns 100

[There's a problem with the photos. I'm working on it. It's weird! Photos publish, then disappear.]

My father was born on this day 100 years ago. When he died in 1995, everyone knew that I had composed something to say at the funeral and didn't say it. There'd already been three eulogies by my brothers; after them, I realized that they weren't remembering the same man I was. If I'd said my piece, it would've been confusing.

My father was in his 50's when I was born, so I never knew him as a young, or even middle-aged man. He changed when he got older and I wish I'd gotten to know the man everyone else recalled. I had planned to say a lot about him here as I knew him, but once again, I find that what I remember is not what he or anyone else would care to have remembered.

Dad as a young boy. Except for the clothes, I looked exactly the same.

Dad, age 25, with first wife and son Bill, Jr.

Wedding photo. Dad (age 33), Mom (age 21) with Mom's sister Sadie and Sadie's husband Kenny.

Dad, age 41, with son Don and daughter Janice.

Dad, age 47 or 48. He won a dozen blue ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair for his gladioli.

Dad (far right), age 63. He worked for 3M for 47 years.

I'd like to add a photo of me with my father. There are none. I think that speaks volumes in itself.

Happy 100th, Dad.


shannon said...

Great pictures, Steve! Leaves a bit for the imagination, but we've become far too passive as viewers, so thanks for the post! :)

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

How are you doing photo uploads? You must be doing something wrong because you have the worst photo-uplaod karma

sea legs girl said...

I figured out that if I copy and paste the pictures into an email format that I still can't seem them :D.