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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmas Songs for Weirdos

This is the last of this series. Got it out of my system.

High concept: punk version of Silent Night

It was Christmas, so I... released animals from the zoo?

Christmas means Czech Futbol, right?

They were cute before they learned English

All that's missing is Timperley Futbol and the puppet Little Frank

Post-modern dissonant avant-garde... the usual suspects


Xenia said...

Wow. Someone here is in the Christmas spirit.

More power to you.

Xenia said...

It's all post-decimalization legal tender. You might want to get new glasses. Or perhaps I could take clearer photos.

Xenia said...

Were you really robbed and if so did the guy really take your glasses? If yes to both, I'm hormonally obligated to weep at my immense (yet unintentional) insensitivity.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I'm not on vacation. It's just that you tend to post midday, when I'm at work. By midday, the patrons are here in force, planted at the library's Intertubal stations and our available bandwidth takes a precipitous dive. So watching youtube videos is pretty much out of the question. It would take like an hour to watch, e.g., that 1:33 Paul Revere vid.

Fucking patrons!

So today's the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death and I've been working on a post about ... Donovan! It would seem disrespectful to upload it today. Not that I'm anywhere near finished writing it.

Still, it's worth stopping by here to keep apprised of Xenia's hormonal situation. Note that I'm more concerned with her hormone levels than with your apparent mugging but it's not because I'm insensitive. It's because hormonal girls tend to scratch and bite, even from as far away as England.