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Sunday, December 12, 2010

New profile photo

This is what my dating profile picture says I look like:

And here's what I really look like:
Yes, those are real animals: baby sugar glider and baby aye-aye.


Johann said...

Love it! That is really small!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I was away this past weekend and didn't read any blogs so I just read these last 3 posts of yours backwards - from latest to earliest - and it was interesting to watch someone go from snowbound bats*#t insane back to marginally sane (by SteveQ standards) in the space of three posts. It was like watching one of those house demolition films running backwards. Order from chaos! Take that, second so-called "law" of thermodynamics!

SteveQ said...

@G: I don't see the change, myself; craziness seems to be neither created nor destroyed (First law).

In any completely random system, there will be patchiness which will appear non-random (originally called nonpareil theory - I like anything named for candies, except hookers).

Jean said...

That second photo looks like the Gremlins after they got wet. Bright light! Bright light! :)

GeorgiaSnail said...

Bite your tongue Mr. Quick...I endorse the main rival of the Philadelphia Phanaticals...The New York Metropolitans. It is with great displeasure, but a necessary evil, that I reside in the hometown of the perfectly titled "Indigenous American Stereotypes of Atlanta"

SteveQ said...

@GS: mea culpa.

RBR said...

Hmmmm... not sure what ladies you are trying to attract with baby metatherian pictures in your profile?

Everyone knows that real women need eutherians. I would go with a more age appropriate Aye Aye picture if you are looking to woo.

Don't like candy named hookers? PayDay and Charleston Chew are going to be VERY unhappy to hear that.