"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fairway to Seven

Didn't have a title for this, so thought of Led Zeppelin playing golf.

Today in the stats for this blog, people today found this site by the following searches (and I'm not kidding!):
Kim Holak shoe choice
Catra Corbett thong
Cavewoman films
Filipino Vampire

Well, you sure came to the right place!

One of the things that's always worked for me is to aim past whatever it is I have for a goal. I've decided now that Superior Sawtooth is a qualifier for the Hardrock 100... I'm going to try to qualify for Hardrock! The other possible qualifiers: Wasatch (ugh), Eagle (??), Bear (I hear someone always steals the markings, so... no), Leadville (probably the easiest! and the most expensive), Angeles Crest (maybe), Massanutten (tough "nut" to crack), Western States (I can't win a coin flip, much less that lottery), Barkley (HAHAHAHAHAHA!), Coyote Two Moon (possibility), Grindstone (ugh), Plain (more orienteering than a race), HURT (30 hour cut-off? no thanx), Bighorn (possible), Grand Teton (maybe), Tahoe Rim Trail (maybe), Tour de Mont Blanc - 163K version (no passport), Chiengau (??? sounds like a Chinese race), Cascade Crest Classic (maybe).

Today's run: 11 miles, 104 minutes. Longest run since Oct. 7. It's a start.


GeorgiaSnail said...

Come on Steve...you would have 60 hours to complete Barkley.....

Londell said...

Great run... here to more as you try to get the Superior beast to rest...

mike_hinterberg said...

*Qualifying* for Hardrock is technically a goal that would be achieved simultaneously with finishing Sawtooth, so you need to be more specific about a goal that's truly in the future: Sending in an HR lottery application!

But, good luck with both!

Xenia said...

I didn't know who that Catra person was so I looked her up.

She's terrifying.

olga said...

Grand Teton won't be doing 100 next year. I say MMT or Bighorn are your best bets.

RBR said...

I vote Tahoe Rim Trail.

Based purely on what is best for YOU, of course.

No personal agenda here.


I only found you by searching for Catra Corbett thong ONCE. Sheesh. Let it go.