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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Name Change?

When I started this blog, its name was chosen spur-of-the-moment and I always thought I'd change it. For one thing, it's too alliterative for my taste (and I didn't name the Fab 5 Fifties either), but it's also become less and less appropriate over time. Yesterday I tried to run long and quit at 4, today at 2 miles.

Current favorite title: The Victory Lap's 10000 Miles.

Anyone got a better suggestion? [no G., nothing about sex with household appliances]


Matthew Patten said...

I've got it

"Delusions of Greandeur"

Boo Ya

+ 1 MP

Anonymous said...

Run. Retire. Run.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

So, um, "Teh Oven Stuffer" is out?

How about: "Run. Cook. Get Injured. Get All Science-y. Fend Off Inappropriate Comments/Advances From Dr. Nic. Announce Teh Death of Yet Another Sixties-Seventies Rocker Icon. Reiterate In Reverse Order"?

You could go with "Run Bastard Run", but I think you'd have to pay royalties to RBR unless you can prove in court that you were a bastard before you ever saw her blog.

I'd be willing to testify on your behalf, if it comes to that.

You bastard.

RBR said...

Let's see if I were Queen and could rename SQ's blog....

How about "Just a Quickie"?

Ha! I crack myself up.

Ok, more serious suggestions *makes serious face*

1. The Quick Chronicles (I know, still pseudo-alliteration, but you know I am a fan)

2. Running Quick

3. My Blog Steve (Like you named it Steve. Ha! Whatever. I think it is funny)

4. Leave it the way it is because I like it.

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