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Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Karate Monkey Death Car, NOW!!!!

Yeah, the series of posts is getting long and dull. Time for a change.

The new header photo is Kel Doyle's pic of me at the 2008 Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile. Those are pink Dirty Girl Gaiters (not a fan). Those are black compression shorts peeking out (didn't work). That's a Nathan Hydration belt (not a fan) and a Nathan handheld water bottle (which I actually do like). That's also a bandage and splint for my broken finger on my right hand.

It's been two years since I broke the finger and, while some things came back quickly, I lost some function in that finger which lingered. I still don't type with that finger, for example. There are things you want to do badly only when you know you can't and one of those I managed for the first time a week ago:

I cracked my knuckles.

Is there any less important milestone than this?


wildknits said...

Not if you are a knuckle cracker! That is an important milestone.

Hydration belts seem to antagonize my IT band problems so have gotten away from them.

Handhelds are okay - my Nathan doesn't annoy me - but running technical trails = a frequent need to grab onto things to keep from falling. Then handheld gets in the way (though does good things for upper body strength ;->).

Have stayed away from gaitors so far... that is other than for cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

joyRuN said...

I've been more successful with handhelds than belts so far.

That woman on the right has that look of "dear gawd, look what the cat dragged in".

Happy knuckle-cracking.

Scream'n Turtle said...

Like Dirty Girls-but I'll have to pass on the pinkie's. Fuel/fluid belts -nope. I like hand held. Nathan running H2O vest-well not a big fan but trying to learn to be.
Your blue shorts match the sign.
And trying Sawtooth 100 proves you are a true animal.
Knuckle cracking-at least it isn't your leg joints.

Jean said...

That is a great picture, Steve. And I am glad to hear you are finally able to crack you knuckles again!

RBR said...

I love the picture. And I must say that your legs are almost as hot as JoyRuN's. *wiggles eyebrows is a lewd manner*

See? See how much fun pictures are? You should start putting them in your posts. I can give you the link to lolcatz.

I almost always run in a belt because I can not stand to run with something in my hand. Gets in the way of picture taking, high five-ing other runners or cyclists, and either flashing outstretched jazz hands while I scream 'Woo Hoo!' at kids that cheering thinking you are surely in a race if you are running.

(Ok, occasionally I need my hands free to flip people off, but that is somewhat rare. Well, maybe not as much rare as

RBR said...

oops truncated comment

Continues as if nothing happened, hoping others do not notice....

...not as much rare as anytime the mood strikes me since assclowns seem to be allowed to roam freely