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Friday, July 30, 2010

Brickyard Rashomon

Rasmus, Tracy and Helen (you may know them by other names in the blogosphere) joined me for a run at the Brickyard Hill. At one point, we were discussing the differences between the Western States reports of Roes and Krupicka - one of them came off badly and you can guess which - and it occurred to me that this meeting of four bloggers would have the same sort of discrepancies. You'd have to read four different versions to get the whole picture, just like in the film "Rashomon." So here's what we're really like:

Rasmus kept trying to hustle me. First, he tried to sell me his free physician's samples of medications, but I don't need Viagra (especially now that the girlfriend's not around any more). Then it was veterinary grade EPO. Then what he claimed was an authentic Eva Mendes sex tape. He was relentless!

Tracy pointed out they could only stay a short time, as they were off to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. "It's a bore, but after all we did for her parents, I guess we have to make an appearance." When she saw the hill, she demanded that her husband get the sedan chair out of their limo and that he and I carry her up and down the hill, as befits a woman of her standing without her usual coterie of underlings. She was still incensed that on meeting people on the out-and-back course of Voyageur, that they didn't step aside for her. "Don't they know who I am? Well, of course they do. It's just typical ugly American manners." [Don't ever remind her that she's originally from Wisconsin!]

Helen, as usual, was all touchy-feely and the public displays of affection were a bit much even before she decided hill repeats were a good place for a game of grab ass.

Me? Well, I didn't have anything to say, really, so I tried to entertain them by singing the entire score of "The Pirates of Penzance" to fill the awkward silence.

There. Try to reconcile that with their versions!

Actually, it was like a group of old friends getting together for a reunion, only occasionally interrupted by the recognition that we were really meeting for the first time. Talk centered around our common ground of running and blogs... and genetics. For those who think RBR (who was a topic of conversation for a bit) is the big fan of this blog, consider that she didn't even click on the Jim Gaffigan video I posted, but Rasmus searched out all his other routines - he does his research! - and wanted to find out how much of what gets on this blog is true.

Well, as this post shows, there is some made-up stuff, but I point it out.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

RBR doesn't click on the first date, Steve.

She's a tranny, not a whoo-wer.

sea legs girl said...

Okay. The veterinary grade EPO was not a physician sample and I certainly didn't say Chelsea's wedding would be BORING. Quite the contrary. Please erase that from your blog. Otherwise I think my version will be quite similar.

Helen said...

I was laughing so hard reading this post I had to pull over.

To clarify, kick-ass was the name of that game.

RBR said...

Umm... I did too click on the Jim Gaffigan link, but only fast forwarded through it long enough to realize he was not going to strip and show what 'Hot Pockets' gave him, and then I lost interest.

@Helen: I don't buy it. You were running with all those hotties and you claim you were playing 'kick ass' not 'grab ass'?


I was also told there would be pictures. hmpf

*stomps petulant little foot*

sea legs girl said...

Even my parents got in on the fun of your blog this time. My dad read the post out loud to my mom and they were doubling over laughing. Thanks!

RBR, I do have pictures. I just have to find time to write a post.

Xenia said...

Heh. Now you all need to get together with RBR and G and then my life will be complete.

Also, need pics. Like now.

joyRuN said...

I'm thinking this group is too fast for pics. They'd be all blurry & what not.

I'm feeling a little stressed from the music in the clip. In a emotion-sharing mood at the moment.

Psyche said...

omg, why have I stayed away so long...you crazy, man!!!