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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Local tragedy

A police officer was shot and killed yesterday near my house. That's two in a year in this town of 35000, the first two ever (a slight aside: neither shooting was actually in Maplewood. They were responding to requests for help from neighboring cities). I'd met Sgt. Joe Bergeron a couple of times; he always had a big goofy grin on his face. I'd also run across the guys who killed him; one was your "it's less effort to take than to earn" type, the other your "always pissed off and looking to make it your problem" type.

I had to drive around the police barricade after my run yesterday. Kinda puts things in perspective.


wildknits said...

Thought that might be near you.

And, to be honest, the thought did flit through my mind wondering if you were the "jogger" that witnessed this.

Happened to be driving when they held the press conference (only time I really listen to the radio).


Julie said...

I heard about this tragedy this morning...we took a moment of silence at the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon. What a sad thing to happen.

Matthew Patten said...

When I saw where it was, I told my wife "that is right by Steve's house"

Not sure if I am allowed to carpool with you anymore.

But seriously, that is incredibly sad.


We will miss you at IA50

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sad indeed.

Don said...

We got caught in that, heading for the Batten Disease race (cancelled, of course). Looked across the lake and saw a LOT of police cars near the NE corner of the lake.

What a shame.

RBR said...

God, what a waste. I am sorry for the loss to your community and his family and friends.

Ewa said...

It is so senseless.
There is nothing more I can say.