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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clarification more than change

I said I was retiring from racing. Then I said I thought there'd be one last hurrah. Then I said I'd be running the Superior 50K next week. I said I'd be doing a series of posts on training and then didn't. Time to start making sense.


The calf I tore two weeks ago still hurts. The hamstring problem's healed. Two days ago, I sprained my ankle (which I do at least once a year, usually during the Superior 50K). I really shouldn't run Superior; I haven't done a long run all year and am averaging maybe 20 miles per week.

I'm running the 50K. I'll finish under 5 hours.

If it turns out, I'll bring the newest confection: cherry fudge. It's been a pain to get right.

Race plans

As much as I enjoy running on trails and testing myself in races, I don't really like doing trail races. I've shown myself to be bad at ultramarathons, but I have an idea for training I want to try, so I'm going to give the 24 hour race another shot. I can't get ready in time for FANS and Badgerland is also probably too early, so the National Championship in Cleveland looks like the best bet this year; if I can't get ready by then, I'll have to wait a year (Ultracentric doesn't make sense, because of the weather difference between here and there); I tend to have one good race in the spring each year, so Corn Belt is most likely. If the weather isn't right for Corn Belt, then I'll do FANS.

The training plan I have in mind is the most ambitious I've ever devised. I'll probably "blow up" before I get to race, but I'm a little excited by the prospect and I need that right now.

Training plans and blogging

When I started this blog, I was writing a lot about how I thought about training, specifically for ultras. I was new to the races and there was nothing to lose; I hoped to hear from others what they thought and what they were doing.

I'm not sure how I feel about explaining my thoughts on training in general. If I've actually retired, it's not a problem, but I guess I'm not quite there yet and it's like giving everyone else an advantage. Why should I make it easier for people to beat me?

After I'm done with the next challenge (whether that's after a 24 hour race or when I give up due to injuries again), I'll explain what I was trying to do.


Colin said...

Good luck at Superior. Having struggled to break 5 hours at the Moose Mountain Marathon, I'm in awe of any 50K performance at Superior anywhere near that time. Enjoy the race, and best of luck with your upcoming 24-hour training!

RBR said...

It is probably for the best. I am certain that a training plan is the only reason I have not beat you yet.

(Sue me. I am fat and slow being snarky is all I have *shrugs*)

Why do only the skinny bitches at your ultras get all the fudge? hmpf

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow, Steve, way to alienate RBR. Before, I'd've said she probably would have done you, but now? Pfffttt! No way. And if you can't bag her, you might as well give up cos word is she'd done pert-near everyone in the blogosphere. I can't remember if that's a rumor I heard or one I started ... Doesn't matter ... Point is, it's out there.

As for my birthday post, you can write it any time you want and just schedule it to post on the 15th. Blogger lets you do that, you know.

So what'll be your excuse for not writing one now? "Ooooo, I sprained my wrist doing something I'd hoped RBR would do for me ..."?

Anonymous said...

With all respect, I have to call serious bullshit on this one. You're not going to discuss your training because you don't want to give others a competitive advantage??? Come on. It's a 24 hour race. Run a lot in preparation. Not much more complicated than that. How many people reading here MIGHT run the 24 hour race in Cleveland? Of those individuals, how many would honestly use your training tips to prepare for their national championship race? Of those individuals, how many are your direct competition? I don't think you have too much to worry about...not like AlSal is publishing Rupp's 10k preparation.

Helen said...

Just post your plans Steve - you know you're going to anyway...

Cherry fudge - if it's anywhere close to the last fudge I will definitely have to finish ahead of you so I don't miss it.

SteveQ said...

Anonymous: actually, I was just bored and wanted to say something that'd get a reaction. If (make that when - Helen knows) I post the plan, it'll just make people say I'm ba+shi+.