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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early Trail Mix Results

If I'm not mistaken. Brian Peterson won, with Chris Gardner second and Jim Ramacier first guy over 40 (and he won Chippewa outright last week!). Eve Rembleski was under 4 hours, with Kim Holak about 15 minutes behind her.

It was good to see a lot of familiar faces - even Bill P.'s - and to meet a few people who know me only through this blog. I ran a loop of the course with Lisa (wildknits) after doing a bit extra, chasing back and forth along the course, trying to spy out the leaders.

It was a great day, if a bit cool at the start. The ever-changing course excluded the ski hill again, so it was a relatively fast course as well. People have me questioning my retirement, but part of me says I would've run well today, part says I would've been hurt about half-way and all of me wonders if I could pound myself into condition in time for the Superior 50K in 4 weeks.


Jean said...

Sorry I missed the opportunity to say hello to you out there, Steve! I caught up with Lisa after the race and she said she ran with you on the second loop. Gorgeous day out there!

Did you happen to see the ospreys working on their nest? That was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey - that was you! I saw you in the distance as I was finishing at Trail Mix. I wanted to say hi and introduce myself and say that I read your blog, but I had to head out right away to go compete in a swim meet. Perhaps I can say hi at Superior, if you go.

wildknits said...

Thanks for the company Steve! Chatting made that last loop fly by ;->

I say give yourself time to heal properly... but I am kind of conservative that way ;->