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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's up with the MNTRS

The Minnesota Trail Race Series got a new director this year. I suggested he take a year to get a feel for things and not make any changes, but he wanted to change everything. That'd be fine, except he dawdled and the first race is coming soon. The schedule and new rules (which I ended up writing) should've been posted long ago. So, I'm forcing the issue:

MNTRS schedule (tentative)

April 10 Chippewa Moraine 10K (Auburn, WI)
April 17 Trail Mix 25K
May 1 Runnin' in the Ruff 10K
May 15 Superior 25K
June 5 City of Trails 10K (St. Croix Falls, WI)
June 5 Chester Woods 10 Mile
June 12 Sour Grapes 1/2-marathon
July 3 Afton 25K
July 3 Tofte Trek 10K
August 1 Grand Marais Fisherman's Picnic 5 Mile
August 7 Wildwoods Challenge 25K (Itasca)
August 21 Days of Old 10K
Sep. 18 Walker Marathon
Sep. 19 Harmon Farms 10 Mile
Sep 25 Birkebeiner Marathon (Hayward, WI)
Sep 25 In Yan Teopa 10 Mile (championship race)
Oct 2 Hartley Nature Trax 10K (Duluth)
Oct 16 Nerstrand Big Woods 1/2-marathon

So, the series has expanded beyond the Minnesota border. The scoring will be changed to "reverse placing" - the last series competitor finishing gets 1 point, the one ahead of him or her gets 2, the next 3, etc. The total will be for all races, not the top 6 as in previous years. There will be no "shoot the moon" awards, but the new scoring means that those who do a lot of races can win outright. The age classes will remain the same.

There will also be a new 5K series, using the same rules. The 5K schedule (tentative):

May 15 Uff da 5K (Woodville, WI)
June 5 Chester Woods 5K (Rochester)
Sep. 12? Lupus 5K (French River)
Sep 18 Trail Loppet 5K (MPLS)
Sep. 19? Lupus 5K (Rochester)
Oct. 9 Renewable 5K (Sandstone)
Oct 18 Big Woods 5K (Nerstrand)
Oct 30 Great Pumpkin Chase 5K (Lake Elmo)
Nov. 7 Arctic 5K (St. Paul)
???? Pine Point Park 5K (Stillwater)


Kel said...

Yikes! I guess Larry won't have to worry about making those "shoot the moon" awards this year.

Since it's no longer just a MN trail race series, perhaps it should be renamed?

I believe the Tofte Trek is always on July 4, no matter what day of the week it lands on.

SteveQ said...

Kel, I suggested "UMTR all-distance trail series." You're right about Tofte. There's still a shoot the moon award in the Fab 5! Go ahead - give it a try!

Scream'n Turtle said...

I made the right choice this year to switch over to ultra series .
Last year I shot the moon in MNTRS, and used that series to get me ready for this years series(ULTRA SERIES)
Sort of deletes the name MNTRS(Mn).
Thank goodness I have the last shoot the moon trophy sitting in my den. I think Larry P. actually enjoyed making those jewels-Awesome craftsmanship.
Hard to say how MNTRS of 2009 will compare to 2010 MNTRS but wish them the best of luck.
Goal this year-to shoot the moon in ultra series to keep that streak alive .
Itching so bad for Sept. to be in the dark talking to the wolves at night .

Sometimes a change is good , new blood new ideals, and then again ,sometimes not.
Being a race director or series director is NOT a easy job-my hats off to them.