"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Typical boring training and blog stuff

In February, I ran 261 miles, fewer than planned, but an improvement on January. The increase in mileage led to no net weight loss (probably because I've been downing a ton of salt), but my waist is now under 30 inches; soon I'll have trouble buying off the rack again.

Wednesday, I headed out to the Brickyard Hill for my first trail run of the year. It's being used by sledders, so the bottom third is unrunnable - perhaps if I'd remembered my YakTrax it'd have been okay, but I doubt it - but I did repeats of the rest. It was the last really cold morning, 3 degrees, windchill -5, and I found myself doing a mental Rocky IV montage, thinking Helen was probably training on a treadmill in a Vegas casino after hitting the free buffet and catching Wayne Newton's tribute to Josh Ritter.

It was cold. My brain was a little off. I could barely walk when I finished, I was so tired.

Saturday, I planned to run 6 miles at marathon pace, but ended up going out too fast and doing 3 in 20 minutes, then struggling to add another 10 miles.

Sunday was my second 20 miler of the year. It was like I had just finished the previous workout and I slogged through it slower and slower until I was being passed by bad recreational runners, which irritates me to no end. It was 5 minutes faster than the last time, however, and my heart rate was only 117, which is lower than I could manage for 24 hours.
There was a lot of activity on the blog lately, which turns out to be because I mentioned the name of a controversial public figure and Google Alerts went off all over.

I deleted the Team Helen/Team Steve poll because I'd set it up just to see how many times I could get Helen to vote for herself. The answer: a LOT. It stopped being entertaining.

Note added: Helen insists she voted once - for me.

The current poll also has an ulterior motive. I'm thinking of selling confections (bake sale to save Steve's house!) and there may be a new blog coming called something like "Illicit Confections from Steve's Evil Kitchen."


ShutUpandRun said...

Who did you mention so I can metion them too. You know I'll do anything self serving for more hits.

nwgdc said...

I'm pretty sure Glaven was the controversial public figure.

So, you planned on running 6 at marathon pace, and ended up running 13?!

Helen said...

Please edit your post immediately. I voted once. For you.

joyRuN said...

It's no thang, SQ. I'm not that sensitive.

Huh. Your waist is probably smaller than mine at this point - maybe there's something to be said for running 250+ miles in a month. Either that or you should be consuming your confections instead of contemplating a bake sale.

Jean said...

There is no question I would enjoy reading "Illicit Confections from Steve's Evil Kitchen." I hope this comes to fruition!

SteveQ said...

Helen: correction made. Sorta.
Beth: It was Glenn Beck.
Nic: No, struggled to run a slow pace for 10 after a fast 3.

SteveQ said...

@Helen: So the treadmill, buffet and Wayne Newton don't need editing?