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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How's that Training Going, Steve?

It's a little daunting looking at other people's training blogs. Gregg's averaging 7 minute miles, Kurt's doing back-to-back 20 milers, Joel's running 55 milers, Helen's winning 50K's... and it's only February.

Saturday, I did 4 miles in 27 minutes, then added another easy 8 miles. I'd hoped to get my long run in, because Sunday was supposed to be cold, but my legs felt trashed.

Sunday, I did 20 miles. Don't ask how slowly. The windchill was -2 and there was drifting snow. Still, it was my first 20 miler since August. One expects to make major improvements early in training, then less and less, but there seems to be a lag here. I'm hoping for a major increase in speed when the temperature improves, but the forecast looks bleak for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, I went back to the Ohio Street hill (0.50 miles up, 190 ft. elevation). On January 26th, I managed 5 hard times up - mile splits 8:23, 8:40, 8:58, 9:21, 10:28 - and died badly. This day, I did 8 times (8:10, 8:12, 8:13, 8:14, 8:34, 8:50, 8:50, 9:53); the footing was horrible, with fluffy powdery snow, patchy ice, chunks thrown by snowplows and a puddle or two. In 2008 on almost the same day and same weather, but better footing, I did 8:14, 8:00, 8:05, 8:15, 8:45 and that was 7 weeks before winning Trail Mix. So, I'm "getting there." I also got to see a half dozen rough-legged hawks, which seem to be everywhere this winter and they kept me company.

Tag! You're it!

One of the nuisances of blogging is getting tagged to give a six word eulogy or some such thing. I wondered if I could come up with something better. I started with: Name three things that make you sticky. Yeah, I don't really wanna know, either. Here's what I finally decided on:

List five words you like, but have never used. Then try to incorporate them into blog posts.

My words:
1) Lambent. It apparently means the type of light one gets from rapidly moving flame, but no matter how many definitions I read, I don't quite get it.
2) Syzygy. It's the lining up of three celestial bodies, like those crazy y's in the word itself.
3) Insouciance. It's the feeling of being a free spirit.
4) Bedizen. It means to decorate in a showy way.
5) [This was going to be Cerulean, but then I remembered that I've seen a cerulean warbler and told people about it.] Bifurcate. It means to split into two equal parts. I went to college with a couple who used it instead of "barf," as in, "I've had way too much to drink. I think I'm going to bifurcate."

Consider yourself tagged.


Colin said...

Sounds like your training is coming along nicely to me. That is, assuming you're not nursing any injuries you haven't told us about?

I may have missed it, but what are you looking at for spring races? If history is a judge you'll be in great shape in around 7 weeks ... I've just signed up for the Ron Daws 25K (can't beat a 25K for $4!); it would be great to see you then if your schedule permits!

Psyche said...

Sounds like you're working it pretty hard to me. It still seems so early for 20-milers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that bifurcate made your list. I've probably used that word every (working) day for the last 7 years. Think common femoral artery bifurcating into the superficial femoral artery and profunda artery.

The others I've never even heard of.

Also just remembered something from a previous post. I think your brother had a slow trigger finger if he timed you at 11.4 seconds for 108 meters. That's about a 10.5-10.6 final 100 meters. I'm not sure the Big Ten 100 meter champion beat that this year:)

Julie said...

Hi Steve,
I think it looks like you have been working pretty darn hard and you are most likely running more than most:) Keep it up!!

joyRuN said...

"...a little daunting looking at other people's training blogs?"

You've seen mine, right?

Beth said...

I thought it wouldn't be possible for me to go any slower, but I have also slowed down. I'm hoping its the weather but I'm worried that it isn't. Nice getting the 20 miler in. Instead of bedizen, I'd like to see you work in bedazzle. Means the same thing but kind of makes me laugh to think of you using it in a sentence.

Pam said...

Quincunx and sabulous...

glad your training is going well.

SteveQ said...

Colin, I've got some speed and some "hill-strength," but I don't have the endurance yet to run far at a fast clip. The Daws 25K is definitely a strong possibility.

Anon: I'm assuming that the handheld timing from a distance was probably off by 0.5 seconds. But it's still a world-class final sprint (I was a 10.9 100m guy at the time).

Pam: Quincunx - isn't that just a collection of five of something? I have to look up sabulous, though!

SteveQ said...

Okay, Pam... a sabulous quincunx might be a zen garden with a rock in each corner and one in the middle.

Oh, and Colin: Langford Park 4th of July 4 Mile is still 50 cents!

SteveQ said...

Oh, and Colin again! I half blew out my right quad on the hills, I've got a heel spur and achilles tendonitis. Same old, same old.

Psyche said...

That's why I routinely post my splits...just to make you feel better:)

Helen said...

Bifurcate doesn't have to be equal parts.

I like the word too - probably because I worked on a project for a bifurcation stent which is a very cool concept... and maybe a way you can use the word!

Scream'n Turtle said...

Mr. Quick,
How am I suppose to be able to shout out, "how's this blood taste Steve", if you keep upping up those miles/week?
Have to say, these ultra runner's blogs I read, do aspire me to go to a new level.
I went from 20-25 miles/week last year in MNTRS ,to now 60/70 miles/week and hopefully growing to around 100 miles/wk. by mid July.
By the looks of your blogs and other ultra runners blogs, there is surely going to be a major spanking given to Scream'n Turtle at this years ultra series.
I know now, i'm wearing ear plugs at races so I don't have to hear these words, How's this blood taste turtle?
No matter the outcome, as long as it's a finish,and i'm surrounded by other trail runner's , i'll be happy.
Scream'n Turtle : Ultra Virgin

prashant said...

Sounds like you're working it pretty hard to me.

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