"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Endure existence, be passive...

Helen riffed on my blog's title, so I'm returning the favor. Interesting to see on the poll that the underdog is an underdog even on his own blog.

Status report

I ran 66 miles last week and will be over 70 this week, with my first 20 miler since August, when I dropped out of Lean Horse and nearly dropped out existence (at least in the blogosphere). I've been getting in some speed work which has been disgustingly slow, but snow and cold aren't conducive to fast running. I've crunched some numbers - of course - and I'm in about 5:15-5:30 Superior 50K shape right now, far from the 4:35-4:40 I hope to run there. Plenty of time to get in shape again.

If you go look up my finish time last year, remember it came after the Ron Daws 25K, Zumbro 100 Mile, Trail Mix 50K, Chippewa 50K, Runnin' in the Ruff 10K and Ice Age 50 Mile in the six weeks before it. 265 miles of trail races in seven weeks: Run Race Repeat indeed! Can't afford to do that again.

My foot and ankle injuries stopped waking me up in the middle of the night and I find I can run without pain if I stay on my toes, so hills and speedwork are coming before endurance this year. Today's day 3 of a headache, the longest I've ever had. Otherwise, same old, same old.

Olympic prediction

The US will win a ton of medals in events that have "freestyle," "synchronized," "rhythmic," "dance," or "halfpipe" in their names. Except freestyle swimming - that's a real sport.

Rocky Raccoon

I analysed the results of the RR 100. Crowther's time was okay (9 minute miles for 15 hours and I call it just okay!), but isn't in the league of Gary Robbins' CR at HURT. Liza Howard's time, on the other hand, compares to a 9:02 at Bandera, which would've beaten all the women AND all the men, and to 23 hours at HURT. I don't know much about her, but if she can run hills, she's an early favorite for this year's Western States.

Keeping it pervy

Just discovered Scottish runner Lucy Colquhoun and added her to the "Girls allowed to beat me in ultras." I don't read her blog, I just like the pictures...


Jen said...

I am in complete awe of you. Wow!!!! You ROCK!!!

BTW: If you have time, check out the giveaway on my blog.

nwgdc said...

I was wondering what your response to Helen's title would be...and you lived up to the expectations.
I just ran 3 of the 4 fastest miles I've run all year today, and it felt great...despite how slow they really were. Thanks for the reminder about that cold weather and snow thing.

Today's Word Verification: Scoal.

Personally, I'm a Kodiak man.

olga said...

I am really looking forward Liza. And Pam. And Devon. Man, the field is awesome!

Helen said...

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Jean said...

Your Olympic assessment is spot on. Although I was really hoping there would be such a thing as a feel good story in the form of a Jamaican ice dancing team... ;-)

Great to hear you are getting in some good miles and long runs. Keep it up!

Chris said...

Bandera is a lot slower course than Rocky so don't know if 9:02 is a good comparison but Liza did win Cactus Rose 100 outright (over men and women) which is on same terrain (and slower terrain than WS) as Bandera. She can run hills very well and I expect her to be a factor if her body is cooperating. She has the speed. Biggest challenge will be course familiarity.

Helen said...

You're on! (still can't comment on my own blog)

though i won't print the shirt just yet...

He he - my word verification is "unman" oh that's too good

also - tks for link to Lucy's blog - love to discover new trails in the general area of home!