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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brief Year-End Numbers Post

I did a post at the end of the racing season looking back, so this will be short.
Miles in 2009: 2235
Miles in 2008: 2722
Miles in 2007: 3195
Miles in 2006: 3419

Looks like I'll be down to zero in a few years! Of course, I did have one month with no miles at all (pesky illness). I didn't have any serious injuries this year (I may have broken my wrist on March 21, but didn't have an x-ray, so I'll call it a sprain).

I ran 359 miles IN RACES in 9 weeks this year. The best race was probably the Trail Mix 50K, where I managed to run 5 flat the week after my first 100 miler. The next 50K was 5.5 hours, the next 6.5 hours. That race schedule really did a number on me emotionally and I wasn't much fun to be around over the summer. Others may be able to race ultras frequently, but as much as I needed the experience, I shouldn't have tried.

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Londell said...

At that same rate of decrease in miles it will take you 4 years to get to what Mike and I have as yearly miles in a good year... I envy your success and you need to less humble my ultra god...