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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brief post about training and the Christmas storm

I've had only one good day of training in the past week: 9 miles in 75.5 minutes. My lungs aren't back from the pneumonia bout, so I tire easily.

We had a memorable storm here. Nothing special, but inconvenient. 13 inches of snow plus an inch of rain (or it would've been 23-25 inches of snow). I hadn't gone grocery shopping before the storm, so what I was bringing to the family get-together had to be made from what I had and what I was willing to carry from the convenience store a mile away; it was easier to walk than drive. The slush and ice clogged snowblowers, so I ended up shoveling my yard, then my brother's (he just had hand surgery) and then my sister's (she was making dinner while I shoveled). It works out to 3 tons of snow. For the snow-deprived: imagine picking up and throwing a gallon of milk 750 times. Then, to get the full effect of pneumonia and weather, imagine doing that while breathing through a straw and standing in a cold shower. Merry effing Christmas.

It was a good Christmas get-together, nonetheless.

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Diana said...

You must have really had one hell of a bout of pneumonia-I've seen a lot of pneumonia this season and they have been a little harder for people to kick.
Glad to hear the lungs are getting better each day.
Happy Holidays!