"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good News

This blog's been pretty much a downer for a long time - thanks for hanging in there - but things are looking up.

When very ill, there's two ways one can think. One is to wallow in despair (and the Eeyore in me tends to go that way) and the other is to try to enjoy life in a minor key, to explore the negative spaces in the web of agony. After two days of being able to swallow only a small sip of ice water, eating a grapefruit is a revelation; a week later and... it's just a grapefruit. Two days without sleep and I found a moment when I thought "I don't hurt! Should I do something, or should I sleep?" and I slept.

So, today I ran. I wheezed and my heartrate was stuck at full-throttle, but I ran 6 miles (53 minutes), far further than I imagined possible. I coughed for an hour afterward, but it felt good to be outside again.

The other good news: I met someone. For reasons inexplicable, she doesn't seem to care that I'm old and gross (and she saw me at my worst). A couple of people who read this blog have met her - and yes, she's a runner, but not competitive - and I'm not going to mention her again unless it's germane to the blog, but it occurred to me that she's going to Google my name and find this blog, so it's time to delete some stuff. Old and gross is one thing; old, gross and creepy might be too much.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I met someone. .... she's a runner, but not competitive

Wait. Is she also a blow-up doll?


You're not the only one who labors hard to keep this blog gross and creepy! Prepare to have a whole lot MORE deleting to do in the future, if I have any say in the matter!

On a (rare) serious note: Conngrats, Steve! I hope you find happiness with her because I think you bring quite a bit of happiness and entertainment to those of us who read your blog regularly - me included. And so you deserve a bit of your own.

But enough of that.

For realz - is she made of latex?


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Uh, Congrats.

My first comment made it look as though I was offering you some weird Connecticut-based vermin or something.

Which would be gross.

And creepy.

Bill S said...

Hey Steve, if it makes you fell any better, even in the throes of death your 10K is about minute/mile faster than mine! Rock on.

Diana said...

Way to get them bronchial tubes opened up!
Nice run and congrats on meeting someone-may it turn into many happy times!

Londell said...

But might as well keep the real stuff out there as she will find out in the future anyway... See you Saturday?

Matthew Patten said...

That's funny...... I would guess people who meet you in person find you creepy, and find you to be somewhat noraml on the blog. Not the other way around.

A second date with you is like a........ 4th tour in Iraq?

Maybe SHE is the strange one.

kelly said...

I love your writing and really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for being "real". You are refreshing:)I hope to meet you out on the trails one day.

SteveQ said...

Oh, so it's my romantic life (such as it is) that's interesting, is it?

Matt, second dates with me are a lot rarer than 4th tours in Iraq.

And Kelly, thanks for stopping by; now I have to consider whether to add you to the blogroll - could I beat 35 hours at Wasatch?

kelly said...

Please, don't look at the death march at Wasatch. I was in liver failure and almost dead when I finished that sucker. I should have quit when I was ahead. LOL

Jason said...
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joyRuN said...

I found that post so sweet. As was GP's first comment.

I must be premenstrual.

I do cringe sometimes looking back through my archives, but I figure it's who I am & what I was thinking at the time.