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Sunday, November 15, 2009

3 Anniversaries

Last night was the second annual UMTR awards fest. A lot of people on my blogroll were there and may have something to say (particularly Helen and Wayne), so I'll just mention a couple of things that involve just me - after all, it's all about me, isn't it? I got to hand myself an award for the second time, but I can guarantee it won't happen again next year. I was feeling well enough that I got through the evening with only a little coughing, when a week ago I wasn't even sure I could be there. It was great seeing people I haven't seen for a while; I hadn't seen Matt since Kettle Moraine or Londell since (I think) Zumbro. It was also nice to meet some new people, including Leslie Semler, who I told "You had a great year" and she responded, "Yes, I did;" it was a refreshing response given that the evening was otherwise filled with people downplaying their achievements in typical Minnesota fashion.

Today was the 12th anniversary for my church. I looked around and, except for the music director (paid) and a band member (unpaid), I was the only one who's been there 12 years. There were three different youth groups visiting and most of them weren't born 12 years ago. Everything's changed... including me.

Today's also the one day anniversary of my restarting training. I'm gonna git you suckas!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Today's also the one day anniversary of my restarting training. I'm gonna git you suckas!

Bring it, b*tch!1!

And by "it", I mean a beach chair with a beverage holder because I'm just gonna watch your insanity from the sidelines, cold beer in my left hand. (You don't even wanna know what I'll have in my right hand. But take my word, it's a consenting relationship. [<-- I forgive you if you feel you must delete this comment for the sake of your new girlfriend's delicate sensibilities; because that'd just prove I'm CREEPIER and GROSSER than you are ... on you own blog! EAT IT, Mr. Second-Creepiest!1!])


But you wouldn't know that, would you?

Your Minnesotan restraint makes it impossible for me to tell if I should be congratulating you over winning an award or something, so rather than make a fool out of myself by saying "Congrats" when you maybe don't deserve to be "Congrats"ed, I just won't say "Congrats" at all.

And there you have a prime example of New Joisey restraint, allduerespect, stopbeinawhoo-wer, knowwhatimsayin?

nwgdc said...

Psycho Wyco?

Diane said...

I was just thinking about your church last weekend and wondering if they were doing another bowling event.